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The Current Flows Above Our Heads. Floods, Batheason, Bath.
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The Current Flows Above Our Heads. Floods, Batheason, Bath.

09-02-2008 · Comments (30)
Categories: Holga  Kodak Portra 400VC  

Nothing much to share other than the beautiful weather we had today. It was like a spring day and I felt rather smug working half a day! Spent a couple of hours wandering with the Holga. I needed to take some people shots for a possible job that may or may not come my way. Spent yesterday afternoon doing the same thing with Holga and Diana in tow. The weather was grey and shit though so when the sun came out today I seized the opportunity to take more...watch this space.
There was a great documentary on tonight on Scott Walker, I have some of his music but the program drove home what an amazing voice the guy has. So off of the back of that me tune tonight is from the great Scott Walker.

So. Another from the floods of a few weeks ago. This was shot on 400VC film! Almost devoid of colour...my god it was grey and dark. I'm sure that this was a triple exposure to get some light on the film. Taken Over the road from where I live, there is a water meadow with a river beside it. Tonight's photo is looking towards the river and beyond into the water meadow. As you can see it has all become one as if the great flood is about to happen again...assuming you believe it happened the first time! so this is the second of three shots I took from this location. If you have a mind to what this area looks like in the relative calm of summer then here is an aerial view of the area.

The little clock's stopped ticking now
We're swallowed in the stomached rue
The only sound to tear the night
Comes from the man upstairs

His bloated belching figure stomps
He may crash through the ceiling soon
The window sees trees cry from cold
And claw the moon

But we know don't we
And we'll dream won't we
Of Montague Terrace in blue

The girl across the hall makes love
Her thoughts lay cold like shattered stone
Her thighs are full of tales to tell
Of all the nights she's known

Your eyes ignite like cold blue fire
The scent of secrets everywhere
A fist filled with illusions
Clutches all our cares

But we know don't we
And we'll dream won't we
Of Montague Terrace in blue oh in blue

Listening to: "Montague Terrace (in blue)" (Scott) - Scott Walker

Johanna Ruebel

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