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Burnt And Derelict At The Hotel Armilos Gournes (Γούρνες, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Burnt And Derelict At The Hotel Armilos Gournes (Γούρνες, Κρήτη) Crete.

08-02-2008 · Comments (17)
Categories: Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 160VC  

OK get that waxed ass off of the bog I hear you shout...well I'm not waxed I have just kept my young body! and childlike ways as well I guess! So I've changed it! Thank you, each and everyone of you who took the trouble to look and even more thanks if you bothered to comment. I have been pondering the safeness of the blog world for a while. Even perhaps the 'wankfest' that Mike describes so succinctly over at his. We have all been guilty of it. I guess we all do it for different reasons, and breaking out of what we do isn't easy and I'm as guilty as the next person, but the comments I have had on this image have been without doubt the most encouraging I have had for any image. At least people have engaged and had an opinion and surely that's what it's about?
Yeah tonight's image is from Crete so I guess change is slow but change there will be. Hell if I can get my ass out and...well you'll have to wait for that! Then anyone can. I have found self portraits challenging and there is a lot of work to do there, I thought stripping off and posting it would be a step to far but when it came to it I couldn't wait and really didn't give a shit. I think you find out some important things about yourself when you turn the camera on you! Go on, push the envelope, lets make it a more interesting place for whatever reason.

Another day another derelict hotel, you see back in the groove almost right away! More shots of the derelict Hotel Armilos which is situated in Gournes (Γούρνες), not far from the odd American masts I posted a short while ago. Not many photos taken here as the site was a little tricky to shoot. It looked as if at some stage there had been a bad fire, whether that was the cause of it's demise or perhaps it was an insurance job because the place was failing! I have to say it's not in a very pleasant position sandwiched between two roads, combine that with lots of new hotels you can see how the small one man operator can be easily squeezed out! Here is an aerial shot of the area, just pan out if you need to get a fix of lovely blue water.

first felt a fist, and then a kick
I could now smell their breath
They smelt of pubs and wormwood scrubs
And too many right wing meetings
My life swam around me
It took a look and drowned me in its own existence
The smell of brown leather
It blended in with the weather
It filled my eyes, ears, nose and mouth
It blocked all my senses
Couldnt see, hear, speak any longer
And Im down in the tube station at midnight
I said I was down in the tube station at midnight

Listening to: "Down in the tube station at midnight" (All Mod Cons) - The Jam


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