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We Stayed In The Depths. Bathampton Toll Bridge, Bath, Somerset
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We Stayed In The Depths. Bathampton Toll Bridge, Bath, Somerset

05-02-2008 · Comments (15)
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Well it would seem that the underdog won last night in that football game! Always good to see an upset especially when it is so late in the game. just goes to show not even the dead certs always come in. Still, if you had a little flutter on the outcome and got it right, mine's a Gin and Tonic please. I mean if you share your good fortune you will surely please the gods and be sure of salvation or better!

Today's image is another from the floods of a few weeks ago. Seems like a lifetime ago now although the rivers have never fully recovered and the ground is still sodden. The rains have returned over the past few days which has seen the rivers levels rise quickly due to the saturation. I was pondering what to post so the dam rain rattling the window motivated me to put this up. Taken from Bathampton Toll Bridge which connects the A4 at Batheaston to Bathampton village and the A36 beyond. There are nice pubs on either side of the bridge that unfortunately get flooded every time the waters rise. This shot is looking towards Bathampton Meadows. To view the area in slightly more pleasant times here is an aerial view.

I believe there's a time and a place
To let your mind drift and get out of this place
I believe there's a day and a place
That we will go to, and I know you wanna share.

Listening to: "Lonely Soul" (Psyence Fiction) - UNKLE

Yannis Kontos

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