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Neoclassical Meets Indian Bean Tree, The perfect match. Sydney Gardens, Bath
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Neoclassical Meets Indian Bean Tree, The perfect match. Sydney Gardens, Bath

26-01-2008 · Comments (16)
Categories: Holga  Kodak BW400CN  

I was knackered last night and just wasn't in the posting frame of mind I have to say. Ended up processing a few images and browsing the web. There was a time I would have pushed on and posted no matter what time it was but that is just silly so I enjoyed the space, had a few drinks and relaxed. Slept late also which was very nice and have given myself time to ponder! I considered not posting today either but get slightly scared of a bad routine....before I know it I'll be leaving it a week or more. So Saturday evening seems fine.
Rather a nice day here, sun shining on and off...windy, so drying the wet. Contemplated a wander with a camera or two but no. I had much more pressing things to attend to here in the house. Have been researching flights to Crete...surprise, surprise eh! I need to go soon, I have been away far to long and it's killing me. It's like I being called there by someone or something...perhaps I am. So found good priced tickets. Watch this space.

Today's image is one from the new scanner batch. Damn fine scanner did I mention that? Taken in Sydney Gardens in Bath. An Oasis of calm in the city, beautifully landscaped gardens, wonderful trees. It has a railway and a canal running through the centre of it and is within 5 minutes of Bath...perfect!
However it has always been a popular meeting point...probably best not to go at night unless you are looking for a little fun. Even now on a warm day there is an unusual amount of sunbathing going on there....sitting too long alone can attract.....attention! It is a beautiful place though.
If you fancy a wander around then here is an aerial view. Have a poke around, but be careful!

Listening to: "Back to Black" (Back to Black) - Amy Winehouse


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