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Designed By John Wood the Elder (1704-1754). Queen Square, Bath.
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Designed By John Wood the Elder (1704-1754). Queen Square, Bath.

24-01-2008 · Comments (15)
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I seem to have escaped the salmonella scare! God I led in bed last night waiting for my stomach to start sounding like a storm drain. I can't begin to explain the thoughts going through my head when I was told the age of that chicken and rice! Anyway I seem to have got through it unscathed.
My passport has just run out and I am now faced with the trauma of applying for a new one in this post 9/11 world! The criteria seem so strict this days and I really could do with not having to reapply if the damn photos are no good. It would appear that they have to be expressionless, not even the hint of a smirk or smile. So I'm now in possession of the most awful 4 shots I have ever had taken. NO! I'm not scanning them, they'll only be made freely available to mistresses, lovers and wives. All posts are filled at this present time.

Oh I'm beaming from ear to ear for being included over at the annual Photomedia Center Holga show. I have two images up for grabs. For the full list of runners and riders get your sweet asses over there. You'll see loads of your favourite photographers.

OK today's image is from my home city of Bath and in particular Queen square. Built by John Wood the Elder between 1728 and 1735. It was the first speculative development by the architect and the north side of which this is part was described by Nikolaus Pevsner as "one of the finest Palladian compositions in England before 1730". John Wood the Elder (1704-1754) was an Architect, born in Yorkshire. He was responsible for many of the best-known streets and buildings of Bath, such as the North and South Parades, Queen Square, the Circus, Prior Park, and other houses. His son, John Wood the Younger (1728-82), designed the Royal Crescent and the Assembly Rooms, and completed the building work on the Circus after his fathers death in 1754. Here is an aerial view of Queen Square.

Night, the wind
spreads and undulates.

Listening to: "This Love" (The Space Between Us) - Craig Armstrong

Giedrius Varnas

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