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It's No Good Fighting It, Work With It! Anatoli (Ανατολή, Κρήτη) Crete.
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It's No Good Fighting It, Work With It! Anatoli (Ανατολή, Κρήτη) Crete.

17-01-2008 · Comments (18)
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Well I thought the damn water was high last night when I was typing but shit nothing prepared me for what first light brought this morning! I really did feel I was on an island. The river opposite me had burst it's banks in a spectacular manner. Very pleasing on the eye but it has caused traffic chaos today, which didn't really bother me as I use my feet but I'm sure misery for many. Anyway once I had satisfied myself there was nothing I could do and little point in worrying I tried to enjoy the spectacle on the way home from work and managed to pop off a couple of films in the Holga. I haven't shot anything in so long it was a relief to just get the damn thing out of my bag. We haven't had rain today but more is forecast for tomorrow and the weekend so I'll see if I can get out and capture something positive from all this negativity.
Don't forget to pop over to the annual Photomedia Center Holga show. I have two images up for grabs which are The Bride Of Christ and The Shape Of Things To Come. Be sure to also check out all the other great photos that are on offer there.

Today's image is back to Crete I'm afraid and a Holga image as I have been ignoring her! Taken very close to the mountain village of Anatoli (Ανατολή). From Anatoli you have a spectacular view of the south coast and I'd like to say Africa but no just a lot of sea with Africa being the next stop and the north coasts of Libya and Egypt. Both of these countries often deposit large amounts of dust and sand on Crete when the wind is in the wrong direction and if it rains at the same time you get 'Black Rain' which is red in fact and ends up like a mud everywhere....very nice! On the plus side the wind from that direction is often very warm and feels pretty much like having a hair dryer pointed at you. As you can see I provide all the correct meteorological terminology! Anyway, it's late and I need bed so here's your aerial view of Anatoli (Ανατολή).

Travelling swallowing Dramamine
Feeling spaced breathing out Listerine
I'd said what I'd said that I'd tell ya
And that you'd killed the better part of me
If you could just milk it for everything
I've said what I'd said and you know what I mean
But I still can't focus on anything
We kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves
Travelling swallowing Dramamine
Look at your face like you're killed in a dream
And you think you've figured out everything
I think I know my geography pretty damn well
You say what you need so you'll get more
If you could just milk it for everything
I've said what I said and you know what I mean
But I can't still focus on anything

Listening to: "Dramamine" (Tiny Cities) - Sun Kil Moon

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