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Vague Interpretation Of Licensing Law? Metaxochori (Μεταξοχώρι, Κρήτη) Crete
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Vague Interpretation Of Licensing Law? Metaxochori (Μεταξοχώρι, Κρήτη) Crete

12-01-2008 · Comments (18)
Categories: Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  Ilford XP2  

Rain, rain bloody rain is basically what it's done today. It seemed as dark at 1pm as it did at 8am. I'd normally drown my sorrows at this stage but I can't even bloody drink as I'm on these damn antibiotics! I must get rid of this damn infection though or I'll be off of the sauce for ever. Shit a cold shiver ran down my back then. Lets not even go there! So the weather have said the sun will shine for one day only then we are back into a cycle or rain it would seem. Every damn camera at the moment seems to have a half used film in it and I don't think I have had one processed in over a month. I really need to sort that out.

Another tonight from Μεταξοχώρι (Metaxochori). The village at the end of nowhere and slowly slipping down the hill. It was a great place to wander around with virtually every house I looked at deserted or derelict. It is high on my list of places to return to next visit in order to do more interiors. This image is of a very crude Kazani (Καζάνι) or alcohol still to you and I. They are basic at the best but this one seems to have taken it to a new level. All they had done was converted this clay amphora for the job. The distillation ordinarily is fairly crude as they use pot stills and no temperature control as such, so this one must have been producing very rough drink. Still I guess it must be just for personal use! Anyway here's an aerial view of the area for you.

Now the dogs are barking and the taxi cab's parking
A lot they can do for me
I begged you to stab me, you tore my shirt open,
And I'm down on my knees tonight
Old Bushmill's I staggered, you'd bury the dagger
In your silhouette window light go
To go waltzing Mathilda, waltzing Mathilda,
You'll go waltzing Mathilda with me

Listening to: "Tom Traubert's Blues" (Small Change) - Tom Waits

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