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Unearthed Remains, Waiting. Metaxochori (Μεταξοχώρι, Κρήτη) Crete
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Unearthed Remains, Waiting. Metaxochori (Μεταξοχώρι, Κρήτη) Crete

11-01-2008 · Comments (17)
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So in the space of 4 hours I have gone from feeling fine to the bloody infection being back in control! I thought I was over it as I have felt fine for days....I guess I should have read between the lines when the doctor called last week and told me to take another course of antibiotics! Of course I didn't as I felt great and I know what those things can do to your insides. I did however have the presence of mind to pick up the pills. So I'm on another week of these and so I guess it means another week off of the drink and it was Martini day tomorrow, life's a bitch sometimes! On the plus side I'm sure to lose more weight!

Another from Crete and the mountain village of Μεταξοχώρι (Metaxochori) way out at the end of nowhere. I can't imagine that they see tourists at all. An interesting place in that most of the houses were unoccupied due to damage...incredible damage to the walls and foundations to the point where they appeared to be slipping down the mountain. My immediate reaction was that at some stage there had been an earthquake...even if a small one but enough to dislodge the houses. I later found out that the village is built on a fault and is gradually slipping down the hill. Sad but I guess nature always has it's way in the end. This church was a particularly sad sight as the land moving had caused the back of the church to be broken and large pieces of the stone roof to fall in. The graveyard also had some old graves that had shifted revealing the skeletons inside. Fancy a wander around the area? Yeah of course you do! Here's an aerial view.

3 A.M. I’m awakened
By a sweet summer rain…
Distant howling of a passing
Southbound coal train.
Was I dreaming or was there someone
Just lying here beside me in this bed?
Am I hearing things? Or in the next room,
Did a long forgotten music box just start playing?

Midnight rendezvous with a pretty girl
Wearing a torn and tear-stained gown.
Like a ghost ship she appeared from nowhere
On a lonely highway and flagged me down.
I gave her a lift downtown to the Greyhound station
And in the flicker of the neon lights,
She kissed me goodbye, and in the mirror of her eyes
I saw my own reflection.

Now there’s a church house about a stone’s throw down
From this place where I been staying.
It’s Sunday morning, and I’m sittin’ in my truck
Listening to my neighbor sing.
Ten years ago I might have joined in
But don’t time change those inclined
To think less of what is written
Than what’s wrote between the lines?

Listening to: "Static On The Radio" (Drill A Hole In That Substrate And Tell Me What You See) - Jim White

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