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In The Shadow Of Civilisation.  Males (Μάλες, Κρήτη) Crete.
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In The Shadow Of Civilisation. Males (Μάλες, Κρήτη) Crete.

09-01-2008 · Comments (16)
Categories: Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 160VC  

Is this post Pickle Fork Blues? I know I said I would never mention them again but it's so hard to let go! As you may have gathered I have nothing to say. The weather I bore you with more days than not, it's that time of year January bores me to death to far from the spring to think about and still mid winter. I can't really contemplate the rest of the year until my birthday is out of the way...which is this month, once I have that behind me the year will gather momentum nicely. Before we know it the longest day will be upon us and it will be talk of Christmas...shit almost 2009 then!
Anyway, I had fish cakes for supper tonight with a nice salad...lots of beetroot! You can't beat beetroot, you do however need to write a note and leave it in the bathroom for the morning. You will forget you have eaten it and when you go for a pee in the morning you will see that it is red, panic and think you have a kidney failing! Oh I have been caught out on many an occasion. The screams are pitiful.

Today's photo is from the most recent trip to Crete, taken very close to the mountain village of Males (Μάλες) the village was deserted but when we explored the place there was the most beautiful church...obviously recently fully restored. It had the most beautiful paintings on the walls. Here is an aerial shot
of the area, the deserted village can be seen to the left of where I have marked. Makes you wonder why all the people left, agriculturally it is a rich area. The village of Males (Μάλες) only 2 minutes away seems to have thrived and yet they deserted this place. Probably a very simple explanation that I'm not privy to!

"The night, the sex, the wandering... and the need to photograph it all,
not so much the perceived act but more like a simple exposure to common and even extreme experiences..
It is an inseparable part of photographic practice, in a certain sense, to grasp at existence or risk,
desire, the unconsciousness and chance, all of which continue to be essential elements.
No moral posturing, no judgement, simply the principle of affirmation,
necessary to explore certain universes, to go deep inside, without any care.
A ride into photography to the vanishing point of orgasm and death. " Antoine d'Agata, 2004

Listening to: "Black Heart" (Feast Of Wire) - Calexico

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