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Outwardly Beautiful Yet Laced With Poison! Fourni (Φουρνή, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Outwardly Beautiful Yet Laced With Poison! Fourni (Φουρνή, Κρήτη) Crete.

25-12-2007 · Comments (17)
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Is it here yet, is it, is it? I know I have to be patient he comes in his own good time! I spent 40 years trying to catch him out but you stay up half the night and the presents arrive in the 30 minutes you doze or you just nip to the bathroom and they appear. It's enough to make a person think that he doesn't exist, but that would be silly...who would deliver the presents? Perhaps he just wants us to think that. So all evening I have been tracking Santa. I'll tell you that guy moves and after all if it's on the web it must be true!
So, went to the doctors today after much needed nudging......bless her heart! Samples taken, antibiotics administered. Still feel like shit but I will be a brave soldier and not let it spoil Christmas. I am a little concerned that this will curtail my alcohol consumption. If I get the shakes you'll know! I'll probably start getting up at 6am bright as a button....hey I've got a week off I wanna sleep!

Thank you all for dropping by my little piece of the web this last year. I appreciate every last visitor. Of course if you stop coming I will hunt you down like dogs! So mind you have a Very Merry Christmas and a spanking New Year for those of you that are into that!

Today's photo. Taken in the village of Φουρνή (Fourni) in a heatwave of 45 degrees in the summer, that's quite a big number in Farenheit! Obviosly way to hot to be taking down the decorations. So I've been hanging on to it. Here is my usual aerial view of the area. The village is quite close to my beloved 13 windmills for those of you that have had a browse around before.

Put your hands on the wheel
Let the golden age begin
Let the window down
Feel the moonlight on your skin
Let the desert wind
Cool your aching head
Let the weight of the world
Drift away instead

Listening to: "The Golden Age" (Sea Change) - Beck

Favourite Photographer

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