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A Change For The Good Expected. Winter, Marshfield, Gloucestershire.
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A Change For The Good Expected. Winter, Marshfield, Gloucestershire.

20-12-2007 · Comments (18)
Categories: Fuji 160S  Hasselblad SWC/M  

So I bottled out of the Christmas shopping today so to coin our American friends it's down to the wire...tomorrow or bust! Work until one then I'm hitting the shops and staying there until I have presents. If there is no post tomorrow you'll know I have been locked into a shop or fell asleep on the bus and have ended up in Chippenham or shudder Swindon! A Bus devoid of Santas this morning which I have to say was something of a relief...that many in one place was slightly unsettling, a bit like being in a room full of dolls or clowns if that makes any sense?
Nothing much to say so the weather is behaving and the rain staying away...cold and crisp and a frost in the morning which will be good....below freezing always invigorates me...I'll let you know tomorrow if it backfires on me! Managed to get a few extra days off over the holiday which will be nice......I do enjoy Christmas at home if only for the being at home and going nowhere. Every other holiday it always seems to be dash here and dash there...Christmas, sit on my ass, eat, drink and be merry...well perhaps can't promise the last but eat and drink for sure.

Today's photo is from earlier this year and has been sat in my processed folder ever since. The trouble is the longer it sits there the more I dislike it. I often need a fresh set of eyes to look at it for me. A semi derelict barn of types which has figured in a few shots but never from this angle so it feels quite fresh. Very close to the village of Marshfield. For such a small place there seems to be an awful lot of information on it! So just to complete the circle if indeed there was one here is an aerial view of the area.

Listening to: "I Love Music (Dim's Dancefloor Touch Up)" (Dimitri From Paris In The House) - The O'Jays

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