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Class Of '61. Timmy Rollitt And Me. Barton Hill Nursery School, Bristol.
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Class Of '61. Timmy Rollitt And Me. Barton Hill Nursery School, Bristol.

17-12-2007 · Comments (23)
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Well a very pleasant and at times frustrating weekend. Saturday was a long day as we visited friends who live in Richmond in Surrey, very close to Kew Gardens where of course we were going for Christmas at Kew. A very leisurely lunch was had in a pub on the Thames. I know that is quite a general statement but I have no idea where we were other than by the river quite close to Kew, East Sheen and Richmond. Perhaps if you have a GPS you can do a triangulation and pinpoint our exact location!
I thought Christmas at Kew was an daylight event...which it is if you want but we were going for the after dark carol service and to look at the lights...they had lit the trees with stacks of green and red lights revealing the beautiful architecture of them. So we listened to carols and were encouraged to join in by some overly cheerful choir master. I NEVER sing...I discovered very early on that I have no voice worth listening to and so I am a listener like I am not a dancer.

OK the photo, as you can see it's not Crete! I was encouraged to post something from the past by Mike over at The Fiery Scotsman and Alek over at amorphous potentia. This is me and my Best friend at the time Timmy Rollitt. I think that the photo must have been taken in about 1961 at my nursery school in Bristol. Timmy left the area whilst we were still quite young, only to another area of Bristol but as a small lad it might as well been the other side of the world. I have over the years tried to track him down with no luck. So the photo means a lot to me.
So will this encourage you to post something? Come on, be a coward like me and post something very old....I may gradually creep forward and reveal myself at slightly more awkward ages...we shall see. Just for continuity here is an aerial view of Barton Hill Nursery School in Bristol.

Listening to: "Sweet Surrender" (Greetings From L.A.) - Tim Buckley

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