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'777' Unreliable Light Source. Atherinolakos (Αθερινολακός, Κρήτη) Crete.
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'777' Unreliable Light Source. Atherinolakos (Αθερινολακός, Κρήτη) Crete.

14-12-2007 · Comments (18)
Categories: Crete  Fuji 160C  Holga  

OK, I've calmed down about my credit card. I have re-ordered the item and it has already been despatched...calm! So it will arrive before Christmas, well I assume it will. There is still time for it to be delivered to the wrong end of the country and send me into a tizzy...it's for me anyway so no-one else to be disappointed. On the plus side an external hard drive arrived today so I now have storage for images and somewhere to back up to. Makes me feel a whole lot more secure I have to say!
Yet another beautifully cold morning. I love them dry and cold. Αlways making me feel alive...well once I have woken up anyway! The walk along the canal was so peaceful, bloody cold yet peaceful. If I could order up the whole winter to be like this I would be well chuffed

Today's image, from Crete is a power station that we stumbled across. Beautiful coastal....mountain drive...I round a bend and am confronted by this! I know it's a scar on the landscape but hell it was an amazing sight...good? Bad? I have to say I like it...hell they need power so I guess there is always going to have to be one somewhere. Have been trying to find you a map....sorry can't find one....perhaps they don't want it covered on google maps...the area is suspiciously devoid of detail!
Just exactly what happened with the Holga here I have no idea. It seems to be the last 3 frames of the film and yet I never have light leak problems. I'm wondering if the film wasn't wound tightly enough and so the light got in around the back so to speak. Anyway I was in two minds whether to post it or not....it is growing on me slightly so here you have it...with the promise of another at some stage.

You should not tease
And play tricks
For a laugh

Do you see her walking
The bluff for a high?
She will not know
When to quit walking, or why

A great sea beneath her
Forebodes "you will die"
She laughs at the thought
For so far she has kept very dry

She cries and she heaves
That her sides, they may break
Oh, the lapping that purples
Her ragged red cheek

"Be you coddled and cocky
I'll have you for eats"
Cries the great sea
And drags her below by her feet

And swallows her whole
Down below
For a treat

Listening to: "On Teasing" (Run To Ruin) - Nina Nastasia

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