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In Search Of Identity. Minoan Prince Hotel, Ierapetra (Ιεράπετρα, Κρήτη) Crete.
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In Search Of Identity. Minoan Prince Hotel, Ierapetra (Ιεράπετρα, Κρήτη) Crete.

10-12-2007 · Comments (9)
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Well, house bound! The weekend has been awful...torrential rain and wind in abundance. The rivers and fields are in flood so precious little to get me out of the door, although at times like these I am grateful that the house is elevated, we would need a flood of biblical scale to get us. God, should I have said that! Saturday I had to be here anyway as we had some electrical work done and two sofas delivered. I don't do electrics. I remember when I first got married way back...oh 1978 I think, shameful that I can't remember....first wife so forgive me. it was 78 or 79. Very young wanted to tackle all manner of DIY myself......it's etched on my mind for ever, do not drill wall near 30 amp cooker power cable. If you drill into it....then it will hurt..it did. Perhaps it upset my brain waves...it would answer a lot of questions! Anyway, I don't touch that stuff anymore, that's why we have experts right? God, my fingers are tingling at the thought of it.
Sofas look very nice, there was a little concern over one of them...we thought it may be too long to get into the house but they managed it and the house is a happier more comfortable place again. As you can see my weekend was full of excitement...perhaps I am holding something back from you!

Today's image is another from the Minoan Prince Hotel. Obviously not long out of business but already fading fast. I hope that it stays empty for a while so I can monitor it's decay. I was surprised to find that there is still a website in existence for it! Take a look here at the home page and see the hotel in it's former glory! Call me weird but I kind of preferred how I found it...gracefully decaying. It looked as if it had been closed for ages but the web page suggests otherwise. For those of you with an interest here is an aerial view as well. A return visit at some stage I would think!

Oh, how can my giving find the rhythm and the time of you
Unless you sing your songs to me
The smell of your sweet skin does entangle my dream
Oh may I stand here awhile living your smile

Listening to: "Love From Room 109 At The Islander" (Happy Sad) - Tim Buckley

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