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Μ.Γ.Φ. 26th August 1925. Derelict Windmills Fourni (Φουρνή, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Μ.Γ.Φ. 26th August 1925. Derelict Windmills Fourni (Φουρνή, Κρήτη) Crete.

06-12-2007 · Comments (17)
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Well, back to a 4 hour day today. A busy one but 4 hour. Had to dodge the very heavy showers on the way in but managed it. I was a little bit worried when I stopped for my coffee. You know the umbrella and coffee balancing act. I had a bit of the panics whilst waiting for the coffee as it was raining but then the coffee gods shone their lights on me and it stopped as I left...Pheew!
Work seems to be gathering pace. We are a charity so get a lot of money donations this time of year. The bulk of my day seems to be made up with dealing with other peoples money...very unsettling! I have avoided working for banks etc over the years for that reason, but now I leave work with the stench of money on my fingers...had a little shudder there! I am however on a serious note amazed at the generosity of people...makes me think.

Today's photo, well it's a bit of a saga! From my trip to Crete in September. My first time using Agfa APX, I usually use C41 black and white and have had many years of reliable shooting. Got my hands on a batch of this and it all turned to shit over night. I'm sure it won't have escaped your attention that the neg is well...a little mucky! I have no idea what they did with the process....but this is one of about 10 films that are in various degrees of nastiness! They have gone back to be washed again and they can do nothing with them. There are some that have a certain beauty that I am growing to love, given that it was taken with my beloved Hasselblad SWC. Anyway, thought I had better tell you in case you thought I had done it! Would hate to take all the credit! Oh yes, the location, one of my favourite gatherings of derelict windmills, this stone excited me right away. I returned this last trip to photograph it again because of this film destruction. I will post the second version at some stage so you can see the difference. Anyhow here is a little aerial view of the area. If you look carefully on the map it appears as if there were 13 or so there at one stage. Have a pan out and a browse about.....the two villages to the south of the windmills are Kastelli(Καστέλλι) and Fourni(Φουρνή).

When you look up in my eyes
I'm looking down in yours
All looks good up in the sky
Down to your woolly carpet floor
And I know that I have picked
The most perfect songs out yet
Even on a sketchy day
Just outside her shore we stay

When all it's colours turn and dry
Will you live or will you die?
When all it's poets fall away
Will you go or will you stay?

Fill the void in me now
Making love to me girl
Red light cruising the night
Red light getting me home

Driving down the freeway in your truck
I watched the river flowing up
Headlights cutting through the night
Hear them pass this place in time
And I know that I have slept
In the warmest bedroom yet
Even on the coldest day
Here inside her shore we stay

"Void" (Old Ramon) - Red House Painters

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