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Low Impact? Economical? Comfortable? Kennet And Avon Canal, Bath.
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Low Impact? Economical? Comfortable? Kennet And Avon Canal, Bath.

20-11-2007 · Comments (11)
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Monday, yuck. Seems to have pissed down all day today as well, well at least in did when I got off of the bus this afternoon torrential for the 15 minutes I was out, enough to soak me to the skin. Pesky weather, I'll tell you when I'm in charge of everything this won't happen any more, but until then...I'll bite my lip.
Other than my moaning about the English weather not much is happening of late.....I still have the pleasure of being in that post holiday blues state...not a bad feeling just that torn feeling...here...there! Oh I don't know. Christmas has hit the shops I just need to wait for my head and body to catch up to it. I really can't go there until December or I'll go mad, so I am trying to ignore all that is going on around me. I'm weak though, I know it will seduce me eventually and suddenly I'm find myself looking at velvet nativity scenes and paisley Santas!
Managed to do some processing tonight so that I can send some long overdue prints out...you know who you are...thank you so much for your patience. Hopefully they will be off this week to you.

Best we move on to the image I think. Another from the Kennet and Avon canal. this is one of the more interesting boats that cruise up and down. As you can see it has a beautifully carved head at the front of it and the rest is quite unconventional as well. The whole of the boat above water is held up with what appears to be willow poles and canvas. Beautifully put together, a real labour of love. I walk this way every day and often ponder the life...the restricted space....how different life would need to be to live on one. I fear I would need to be a little more organised. I have two friends who have boats on the canal and they seem happy enough. Not for me I think...I like all my stuff and my home comforts right there! But then a simpler life has it's attractions...there would have to be broadband and lots of TV channels, hell I don't want to start having real conversations and interacting with the outside world...I seem to have spent the last 30 years gradually getting away from it!

Listening to: "Exploration" (Blow Up Go-Go) - Kaminsky Experience Inc.

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