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In The Shadow Of A Beast. Inner City Beauty. Royal Victoria Park, Bath
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In The Shadow Of A Beast. Inner City Beauty. Royal Victoria Park, Bath

19-11-2007 · Comments (12)
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Ah the weekend! I do love them. Managed to deal with a little garden work on Saturday and the slow catch up here. Today was a complete wash out! I over slept because of the weather....I can feel your scepticism! Well I woke up and it was dark so I stayed in bed only to find out at 9am it was pissing with rain hence the gloom...could have gotten up so much earlier. 9am feels so decadent! I mean I might as well have sat around in my pants all day...I didn't honestly I didn't. It did keep raining though...pissed down to be exact. The highlight of the day being the battle of wits between the cat and myself, his wanting to go out but not wanting to because of the rain yet making a pest of himself...you know a kind of protest to the weather. Asking to go out then when I go and open the door running back in because of the rain. Well he pushed it just to far ending up on the end of my toe on one occasion...out the damn door! Came back looking like he had been dunked in a bucket of water. Of course I showed him the love he deserved and wiped him dry...strangely he didn't bother me any more!

Today's image! OK taken in the Royal Victoria Park in Bath. As far as I'm aware this building used to be owned by the local authority but is now a private home. A great location and kind of looks as if it ought to be made out of gingerbread. I didn't go and lick it so I guess it might have been! So here is an aerial shot
of the area. The green houses you can see are where the local authority grow all the plants and flowers that decorate the city through the summer. We do seem to do that rather well and have won many competitions for the floral decorations.

Listening to: "Medicine Bottle" (Down Colorful Hill) - Red House Painters

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