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Access For The Living And The Spirits! Spring Sunshine, Bath, Somerset.
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Access For The Living And The Spirits! Spring Sunshine, Bath, Somerset.

29-10-2007 · Comments (22)
Categories: Holga  Ilford XP2  

OK chaps, as I utter those words that I am out of here for two weeks...well I'm out of here. Now don't let me down, I have just processed an image for everyday so there will be something OK? A nice mix of new and old home and away. Something for everybody I would like to think. I have even given you a different tune for each day so that you don't get bored, I know that some of you have very short attention spans.
Also...if there's any fighting over here don't think it will go unnoticed...I have patrols out who will report back to me and you will be punished. Be nice to each other...spread a little love and I will love you all the more for it.

So back to the beautiful Island of Crete. I will be staying as always in the beautiful mountain village of Kritsa (Κριτσά). I have tried to attach a map of where I am located which is tricky as the satellite maps available aren't very good, still this one sort of shows you with a little imagination. There should be a little marker where the house is but if not see the cross shaped building that is a large church. If you come to 7 o'clock for about an inch you will see a small grey rectangular building, that is an even smaller church and the house is overlooking that. Not easy I know so hopefully the marker shows you!

I haven't given you a daily link to look at but I have pointed you in the direction of the Filmwasters Blog. The images change there every day and you can access all of the blogs and sites via the images. Hell, if you shoot film and like a little community then why not joint the Filmwasters Forum. A more positive thing you'd be hard pressed to do if into film. Not into film....well they may tempt you back from the dark side.

Listening to: "The White Trash Period Of My Life" (Dressed Up Like Nebraska) - Josh Rouse

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