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Three Crosses, Two Towers And No Congregation. Sitia (Σητεία, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Three Crosses, Two Towers And No Congregation. Sitia (Σητεία, Κρήτη) Crete.

26-10-2007 · Comments (14)
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I'm knackered, I'm really paying the price for such a late night last night. 1.30 AM is just a tad late for me. Been hanging all day and now it's midnight and I am still here like an idiot! I have found an image and a tune so we are 3 parts there just need a few more things then we are ready.
Had a bit of a dash home today as we were having some blinds fitted in the lounge. Jan is on a major lets make the house look nicer mission and the blinds are part of it! We've had the painting...floors are to follow. So this guy was here 4 hours, he did a good job and I do like the place to look nice but it seems such a lot of money...surely there are cameras I need? Trips to go on! On the positive side they will keep the sun off of the TV screen....we face south and it has been a problem for 20 years, as you can see we move fast to solve a problem!
I'm tired so I'll stop there...I must sleep. Last day at work tomorrow...did I mention I was off to Crete again on Sunday? well I am and I'm off to get a nice haircut on Saturday and hell I have to sort out the advance posts.....I may do one every other day guys...we shall have to see.

Today's image is from my solo trip to Crete in September. Found this enormous shrine near the town of Sitia (Σητεία) which is in the far northeast of the island. It must have been at least six feet tall, I swear I wondered if children were living in it or perhaps midgets! I kind of liked the way the size of it, being big and small played tricks on the eyes, well at least my eyes. The Holga makes it look prettier than it fact it was. I have to say I am compelled to photograph these things wherever I see them.

Closed eyed sky wide open
Unlimited girl unlimited sigh
Far away
Magnifies and deepens
Ready to sing
My sixth sense peacefully place on my breath And listening

Listening to: "Group Four" (Mezzanine) - Massive Attack

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