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Nothing Changes And Yet.... Lato (Λατώ) Near Kritsa (Κριτσά, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Nothing Changes And Yet.... Lato (Λατώ) Near Kritsa (Κριτσά, Κρήτη) Crete.

25-10-2007 · Comments (16)
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Today seems like some kind of blur, one of those days when I have felt slightly removed from what's going on around me. I think I need more sleep really. I know I bleat on about it here and all I need to do is drag my ass into bed a tad earlier. The trouble is I get on here, don't feel tired and before I know where I am it's gone midnight and I haven't posted. Which is where I find myself right now.
So, I did the homework which made Greek slightly easier this evening and the lesson was kind of fun. Jan cooked whilst I was there so I got home to food ready to eat...even better as I was starving! Rice and fish...damn yummy. I have always loved potatoes but have gone off of them of late but love rice. I seem to be digesting the rice easier as well, so even more reason to eat it. I did polish off a bottle of wine on my own though. That's really bad isn't it? I don't care it was good...Jan would have shared it with me but she is working so the pressure was on me to drink it....I'm sure it goes off if you don't drink it the same night. So I did. Stand by for a thick head in the morning.

Today's photo was taken at the ancient city of Lato (Λατώ) it is 3km from the village of Kritsa. The Dorians built the city in the seventh century B.C. The walls and buildings visible today, however, date mainly from the fourth and fifth centuries B.C. Towers and two acropolis fortified Lato. It was one of the strongest cities on Crete. Lato was destroyed about 200 B.C. During the Roman times its port, Lato Etera at the side of Agios Nikolaos, became an important city. Here is an aerial shot of the site.

I look into the mirror
See myself, I'm over me
I need space for my desires
Have to dive into my fantasies
I know as soon as I'll arrive
Everything is possible
Cause no one has to hide
Beyond the invisible

The brave and wise men came together on horse
Close your eyes
Just feel and realize
It is real and not a dream
I'm in you and you're in me
It is time
To break the chains of life
If you follow you will see
What's beyond reality

Listening to: "Beyond The Invisible" (Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!) - Enigma

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