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I Resisted The Desire To Climb In. The Waterlily House, Kew Gardens, Richmond.
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I Resisted The Desire To Climb In. The Waterlily House, Kew Gardens, Richmond.

24-10-2007 · Comments (22)
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Well the countdown has began. Sunday and we are off again to Crete! I know, I know, it's the only way in which I can stay in shorts for an additional two weeks. Believe me I would rather be here in beautiful England, still I'll go and try and make the best of a bad job. Having said all of that the weather here at the moment is beautiful and there they seem to be having a lot of rain and the 10 day forecast isn't that good either. Still, I'll try and find something worthy to photograph failing that I'll just eat and drink.
Thank you all for your kind words about the book yesterday, I know mine is just one in a very big book of photos but it still makes me feel pretty good. Hell I may need to live off that for the rest of my life so I had better be pleased. So for your kind words I will reveal what I did to compound the damage already caused to my computer. Short and sweet...NEVER, NEVER change the voltage selector on the back over with the power still connected...it makes a very big BANG and makes you scream like a little piggie! The odd thing of all this was Dave the repair guy replaced the power supply, confirmed I had done no more damage than that and then when I asked him if he would take a look at the original problem that prompted me to mess around in the first place...nothing, not there! Have I told you this already? It seems terribly familiar...sorry if I have. Anyway it works and all is well.

Another shot from my summer trip to Kew Gardens, what a wonderful place it is. The weather was so kind to us for our first visit. 300 acres of wonderful gardens, buildings, glass houses, trees, flowers. Did I mention the trees? I love trees but to see so many species in one place and for them to be such wonderful specimens.......fantastic! Here is a potted history of the place. It is also so bloody large you could go back every season and see something new. I enjoyed every moment...just in case you hadn't sensed that!
The image is taken inside of the Waterlily House, one of Kew's classic listed buildings. The ironwork is by Richard Turner. Built in 1852, it was then the widest single span glasshouse in the world, designed specifically to house the huge attraction of the age, the giant Amazonian waterlily. Sadly, the huge plant never did well and in 1866, the house was converted into an Economic Plant House for medicinal and culinary plants.
In 1991, it was converted back to its original use and today, it is the hottest and most humid environment at Kew, housing tropical ornamental aquatic plants and climbers. In summer, the Nymphaea waterlilies and a giant Victoria cruziana put on a beautiful and serene display. Sacred lotus and papyrus both thrive in these hot, humid conditions and high up, there are some spectacular gourds - fruits of some members of the cucumber family - such as hedgehog and wax gourds, and the loofah, the 'vegetable sponge'. In the beds, there are economically important plants such as rice, taro, bananas, manioc, sugar cane and lemon grass. Not my words as I am sure you realise but from the Kew gardens site which is linked up at the top so I hope they won't mind!
Here is an aerial view of the gardens.

Can you lick my wounds please
Can you make it numb
And kill the pain like cortisone
And grant me intimacy
How'll we split your chromosomes

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