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Built To Echo The Word! Bailbrook Mission Church, Bailbrook Lane, Bath.
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Built To Echo The Word! Bailbrook Mission Church, Bailbrook Lane, Bath.

20-10-2007 · Comments (13)
Categories: Fuji Acros 100  Holga  

Hell, I usually post before bed and now it's tomorrow even though still today! Does that make sense? Got the computer back yesterday so spent some time getting that back up and running then I was way to tired, pissed or both to post! The odd thing about the computer repair was after Dave had replaced the bit that I had blown up the problem that had caused me to be pissing around with it in the first place had disappeared! What's that all about? No, I'm not telling you what I did, I'm embarrassed enough knowing that I know.
But hey today is good, I have dry weather and it is World Toy Camera Day. I've loaded up the Holga and the Diana and I'm off out for a few hours to capture the moment, or at least try. Are you doing the same? You must, even if it's raining. If you don't have a toy camera why not just go out and shoot pretty pictures, what could be nicer?

Today's image is a Holga image as it is World Toy Camera Day, did I mention that? This is the tin church in Bailbrook Lane near Bath. An interesting building that seems to be in a constant fight in order to survive. Seems crazy really that anybody would want to pull it down! Anyway, if you have an interest in similar structures then I have given you a link back there and here is an aerial shot of this one.

Listening to: "The White Trash Period Of My Life" (Dressed Up Like Nebraska) - Josh Rouse

World Toy Camera Day

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