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A New Build Yet The Old Ideas Persist. Kourounes (Κουρούνες, Κρήτη) Crete.
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A New Build Yet The Old Ideas Persist. Kourounes (Κουρούνες, Κρήτη) Crete.

19-10-2007 · Comments (16)
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I'll be brief tonight...if I am able. I have been helping at a works fund raising event which was fun but it has me trying to post at midnight...not the best time to do this. I did have a few things to share with you but I'll save it for another day. What I will share with you though is that Dave has pulled through! Just when I thought I was going to be given the run around he calls me and tells me that he has fixed the bit that I had broken for less than he had quoted BUT when I mentioned to him the original problem, which had been the cause of my buggering around with the machine in the first place he said there was no trace of that fault! Perhaps it was a dream...I know the computer went bang when I did the thing that I can't tell you about. Anyway, it would seem that I will have my baby back tomorrow, well I will if I can find some means of transporting the computer home. Failing that it will have to wait until Saturday. I bet you are all very happy for me, no? Not before time as well, I think one more day of using this laptop to process images and I would have been blind, mad or perhaps both.

As for today's image. Well, it's a church. In fact a bloody big new one. You may remember a while ago me posting a photo of a guy under an umbrella chipping stones, no? I would post a link if I could be bothered and wasn't so tired, but you remember it! I have checked and it's image 544 if you need to look at. Anyway, it was taken in the village of Kourounes (Κουρούνες). A tiny place with pretty much nothing to redeem it. Then they go and decide to build this huge shit faced church there. I have to say in the flesh it's not the most beautiful church I have ever seen but it seems to photograph quite nicely. Here is an aerial shot. The church can clearly be seen as a white rectangle.

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