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Crossed Lines Suggested Rooms For The Night. Neapoli (Νεάπολη, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Crossed Lines Suggested Rooms For The Night. Neapoli (Νεάπολη, Κρήτη) Crete.

18-10-2007 · Comments (14)
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My faith in Dave is fading I can tell you. Here we are at the end of Wednesday and he still hasn't looked at my computer. I am next on the list he has assured me. I have to say that it still feels rather open ended! My eyes have grown accustomed to the tiny screen and I have to say images look rather cute at this size. Perhaps it would be a good thing to process all my images to two inches square, you really don't see any of the imperfections.
Well, after what seemed like 24 hours of rain yesterday, today was glorious, clear blue skies and that kind of warmth yet chill that only autumn can produce. The rivers are full and rising but it sure was pretty. Now a winter of today's weather would have me happy...hell I would hardly have a thing to moan about...unless of course Dave disappoints me!

Today's image is one from the local high school in the town of Neapoli (Νεάπολη). My distaste for the over all learning mood of the place is well documented here so I won't go on about it! I know the place is concrete and on the surface has little to commend it but I have grown to like the building as the months have slipped by. The photos seem to capture more of my love for it than the educationally sterile atmosphere that I felt whilst wandering the school. The saturation of the Astia has done a good job with the colours as well. But do you have a map of the area I hear you all scream. I do, so for all you map fetishists out there here is an aerial shot of the school, the building can be seen in the centre of the photo. Neapoli is off to the right if you want to take a look.

Please beware of them that stare
They'll only smile to see you while
Your time away
And once you've seen what they have been
To win the earth just won't seem worth
Your night or your day
Who'll hear what I say.
Look around you find the ground
Is not so far from where you are
But not too wise
For down below they never grow
They're always tired and charms are hired
From out of their eyes
Never surprise.

Take your time and you'll be fine
And say a prayer for people there
Who live on the floor
And if you see what's meant to be
Don't name the day or try to say
It happened before.

Listening to: "Things Behind The Sun" (Pink Moon) - Nick Drake

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