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Designed By John Palmer, Built 1789 - 1793. Lansdown Crescent, Bath.
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Designed By John Palmer, Built 1789 - 1793. Lansdown Crescent, Bath.

15-10-2007 · Comments (17)
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Sorry chaps going to have keep it short. My computer stopped working over the weekend. Something to do with the power supply in that I push the button and nothing happens. I bought a small laptop a week or so ago, which is good in that I can get on the web and stuff but there was nothing installed on it and it has a screen the size of a fag packet! I have at last got Photoshop installed but have no idea what the images will look like.
I have of course a stack of adjusted images stranded on the other machine! So, I guess the point of telling you this is that I don't know how long I will be working this way and for that matter how long I can put up with processing images this way. There may or may not be an image a day so sorry, and for all those of you that commented prior to today and haven't had a note back.....sorry hopefully I will be back with you soon.

Today's image is of Lansdown Crescent a well-known example of Georgian architecture in Bath. Designed by John Palmer and constructed by a variety of builders between 1789 and 1793. Lansdown Crescent comprises 20 houses, each originally having four floors together with servants' quarters in the basement. Arranged as a crescent, these buildings have a clear view over central Bath, being sited on Lansdown Hill near to but higher than the Royal Crescent. William Beckford lived in Nos 19 and 20. Here is a rather nice aerial shot of the crescent.

Listening to: "Shock Me" (Red House Painters II) - Red House Painters

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