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Someone Said RED And They Went For It! Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey
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Someone Said RED And They Went For It! Kew Gardens, Richmond, Surrey

10-10-2007 · Comments (17)
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I was tired and it was raining. I caught the bus but got wet. I bought coffee and smiled at work which was good. It was still raining when I left so I caught the bus again and got wet again. Had a lemon and ginger tea when I got home and drank lots of red wine tonight. I considered posting a photo from a new camera, well an old camera that I haven't posted from but bottled it even though I like the photo.
The Chillis are still drying slowly in the oven and fill the house with a sweet aroma. I tried to do Greek homework but realised she had given me stuff that she hadn't explained! I looked it and it appears it the imperative! Which I kind of understand but need more information...oh well. Do you think that she will shout tomorrow? Probably not eh. If she does I'll just shrug my shoulders.

Ah Kew Gardens, what a wonderful place it was. This image is from the trip there back in July. The weather was so kind to us for our first visit to Kew Gardens. 300 acres of wonderful gardens, buildings, glass houses, trees, flowers. Did I mention the trees? I love trees but to see so many species in one place and for them to be such wonderful specimens.......fantastic! Here is a potted history of the place. It is also so bloody large you could go back every season and see something new. I enjoyed every moment...just in case you hadn't sensed that!
The image, oh yes. It is the Pagoda, There was a fashion for Chinoiserie in English garden design in the mid 18th century. Sir William Chambers was a keen advocate, using decorative buildings and intricate pathways as a reaction to the sweeping 'natural' lines of contemporaries such as Lancelot 'Capability' Brown.
The ten-storey octagonal structure is 163 ft (nearly 50 m) high and was, at that time, the tallest reconstruction of a Chinese building in Europe. Purists, however, argue that pagodas should always have an odd number of floors. Kew's Pagoda tapers, with each successive floor from the first to the topmost being 1 ft (30 cm) less in diameter and height than the preceding one.
The original building was very colourful; the roofs being covered with varnished iron plates, with a dragon on each corner. There were 80 dragons in all, each carved from wood and gilded with real gold. The iron plates were later replaced by slate and the dragons vanished. Claims have often been made that that they were sold to pay off some of George IV's debts, but William Aiton, remembering them from his childhood, is known to have informed William Hooker that their wooden structure had simply rotted away.
I guess I ought to give you an aerial view of the Pagoda.

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Up to my neck in strife
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I'm telling you
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Oh and it feels good

Yeah you came along when I needed you
Oh,oh, I'm up to my neck in you

Listening to: "Up To My Neck In You" (What's Next To The Moon) - Mark Kozelek

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