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Witin Every Wall They Live And Breathe. Lato (Λατώ) Near Kritsa (Κριτσά) Crete.
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Witin Every Wall They Live And Breathe. Lato (Λατώ) Near Kritsa (Κριτσά) Crete.

09-10-2007 · Comments (15)
Categories: Crete  Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400  

I must say I'm not really doing anything very constructive at the moment to tell you about. I mean how much more of my aches and pains, gardening and work can I subject you to? So yes it was Monday, work, calm and enjoyable. Chit chat about nothing yet wonderfully comforting. I love the familiarity but with lack of too much detail. I have to say that this job I am doing is great. Yes I am a pen pusher of little importance but everybody is friendly and have made me feel very welcome. I have grown to like them all in the short time that I have been there.
Well, I sorted the laptop issue out. It is now connecting to the world wide intraweb! Then there was a problem with collecting mail that I didn't share with you but seem to have sorted that as well. Also an issue you with stealthing the whole operation that I seem to have pretty much managed. God I love computers yet they are such a waste of time.
Anybody ever dried chillis? Me neither. My brother grows them and brought me a bit shit faced bag the other week. There was no way I could consume them all before they went off....well not without my visits to the toilet becoming very painful I fear! Sorry should I have warned you there that we were going on to the effects of chilli on the body? Sorry, it was just a glancing blow. So I thought it would be a good idea to dry them...I have no idea how so I spread them on a tray and put them in a very low oven. Am I in the right ball park? The whole house stinks of chilli! I love it and it would be fair to say that Jan doesn't.

Today's photo was taken at the ancient city of Lato (Λατώ) it is 3km from the village of Kritsa. The Dorians built the city in the seventh century B.C. The walls and buildings visible today, however, date mainly from the fourth and fifth centuries B.C. Towers and two acropolis fortified Lato. It was one of the strongest cities on Crete. Lato was destroyed about 200 B.C. During the Roman times its port, Lato Etera at the side of Agios Nikolaos, became an important city. Here is an aerial shot of the site.

I can't make anything
of why the brightest light fades
or how you slept a sleepless slumber
and through the rhythm of the timeless season
and you are the dark on my soul
and it's your love that I steal
and you're my cuts that won't close
and this I'm certain
and this I'm certain
and this I'm certain

I don't see anything
through all your worries
and the worst in people
and you're the builder of your own high temple
and that's the magic of your mind
and you're the reason that I'm down
but you're the promise that I found
and you're all that I got
who's the meanest
and who's a genius
and who's mine

and from the bed you lay and wonder
and from the morning come like thunder
it's the downfall of your time
and you're the dark of our home
but still the home that i feel won't let up
or let go
and this I'm certain
and this I'm certain

Listening to: "Revelation Big Sur" (Songs For A Blue Guitar) - Red House Painters

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