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Warming. Hollyhocks, Canal Cottages, Kennet + Avon Canal, Bathampton, Bath.
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Warming. Hollyhocks, Canal Cottages, Kennet + Avon Canal, Bathampton, Bath.

08-10-2007 · Comments (23)
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What can I tell you? I did the gardening, the rib seemed to hold up. I ached as a result but it was way better than I had imagined. Thank god. So hedges cut and the lawns today so at least I feel that preparation for the winter is at least under way. I feel exhausted though. There was a stillness about the weather that seemed to suit autumn perfectly. Beautiful in many ways, slightly grey yet calm and mild.
I managed to sort the wireless thingy with the lap top but seem to have spent a large amount of the time struggling with setting up email. God computers are such time wasters! I love them but...you know what I mean. I think I have sorted out the mail but then I needed to stealth the damn thing to the outside world, that seemed to take an age. I think that now...no-one knows that we exist! Damn I have just told you! OK it's a secret right? Don't tell a soul or I will be around to eat your children or pets.
What am I on about? I can't keep my eyes open so I will just the info about where, when, what excites me and what I am listening to!

Today's photo is a little closer to home. Taken on the Kennet and Avon canal at Bathampton. There is a rather charming row of cottages there in very close proximity to a great pub. The perfect place to while away some time. I can then stumble home across the fields in about 10 minutes. The railway crossing that I have to negotiate is a little bit of a challenge after a pint or two but hey that adds to the excitement! This is also the point on the canal which I start my walk to work when I can be assed. A beautiful walk if I can drag myself out of bed early enough. For your delight and interest here is an aerial shot. The cottages can be seen in the centre of the frame....the cottage on the far left is the scene of this capture!

heal her soul
and carry her, my angel

Listening to: "Carry Me , Ohio" (Ghosts Of The Great Highway) - Sun Kil Moon

Lloyd Hughes

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