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Nothing To Stop The past Catching Us Up. Limnes (Λίμνες, Κρήτη) Crete
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Nothing To Stop The past Catching Us Up. Limnes (Λίμνες, Κρήτη) Crete

06-10-2007 · Comments (19)
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So who knows anything about wireless routers? All that I have had to do in the past with these things is to turn the dam computer on and it right away says it's found the network! Not with me here and now!....got router today....set it up fine on the main computer with network cable....but can I get it to connect to the laptop without a cable? No I bloody can't! The amount of trouble I have gone to tonight to try and sort it......well all I'll say is that a Prostate examination at this moment in time seems the more enjoyable option! Perhaps I'm doing it with a tired head and so perhaps the joy of no work on Saturday will enable my eyes to see it differently. No matter I have the damn internet and that's all that matters if all else fails I call the £5 a minute help line on Monday. I love to part with large amounts of cash whilst being made to look stupid by a teenager. Oh, happy weekend by the way!
See, you probably read all of that and thought I was in a bad mood...not at all, the summer has returned and it's as warm as a warm thing. The weekend looks set fair and I'm going to give the garden a go......if that broken rib pops out through my chest you'll be the first to hear, no worries. Fingers crossed for that and a tidier garden by Monday.

Today's photo is one of the salvaged black and white images from the most recent trip. Fingers crossed that the cleaning and re-scanning will yield more usable shots. Taken close to the village of Limnes(Λίμνες) which actually means lakes. The village is very low in altitude terms and used to be surrounded by lakes most of which have been drained for agricultural purposes and latterly for new building. We all know the possible consequences of ignoring the water table! There always seem to be someone who pays the price. Here is an aerial shot of the village. The dark patch is one of the lakes but it has now been drained, filled and built on. The photo was taken in the small plots of agricultural land that surround the village, they used to extract water from wells with windmills as shown in the photo but these now largely stand rusting and the water extraction is effortless and automated. They used to rely on no-one now they need power as much as the next guy...shame!

Do you mean this horny creep
Set upon weary feet
Who looks in need of sleep
That doesn't come
This twisted, tortured mess
This bed of sinfulness
Who's longing for some rest
And feeling numb

What do you expect to be?
What is it you want?
Whatever you've planned for me
I'm not the one

A vicious appetite
It visits me each night
And won't be satisfied
Won't be denied
An unbearable pain
A beating in my brain
That leaves the mark of cain
Right here inside

What am I supposed to do?
When everything that I've done
Is leading me to conclude
I'm not the one

Whatever I've done
I've been staring down the barrel of a gun
Whatever I've done
I've been staring down the barrel of a gun
Whatever I've done (whatever, whatever)

Listening to: "Barrel Of A Gun" (Ultra) - Depeche Mode

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