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Step To The Left For An Alternative View. Skordilo (Σκορδίλο, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Step To The Left For An Alternative View. Skordilo (Σκορδίλο, Κρήτη) Crete.

03-10-2007 · Comments (26)
Categories: Crete  Fuji Acros 100  Holga  Red Filter  

Perhaps I will have a moan today. Been waiting for some black and white film to return from the lab...the recent journey to Crete. We'll ignore the time they have taken to do them...but the scans! I have to say the scans are the worst I have ever had...the negatives must be so bloody dirty! So as it stands I have virtually unusable scans...although I did manage to salvage one for tonight! The negatives have returned in the hope they can clean them up and re-scan. This is supposed to be a pro service...I won't even tell you how much I pay or you will think me crazier than you already do.
On the plus side, I did manage to motivate myself to do a few hours Greek study so I feel happier in that respect and given my part time status I ought to be able to do more tomorrow afternoon. I really need to knuckle down...I'm so lazy I really am.

Other news? Well, I had an enquiry about using one of my images in an advertising campaign in the states which is pretty cool if the company goes for it. They seem to want to use it in lots of ways! The marketing company have to do the presentation and then they will know if the client likes it. I'll fill you in if they go for it...feels nice to be considered! Perhaps I'll get that scanner sooner than I thought.

Today's image is form the most recent trip to Crete. I have to say it was a much nicer time to go than in the height of summer, for a start there were some clouds to shoot which is always nice. Those clear blue skies are great if you are shooting colour but I don't like them in black and white I have to say, so I was pleased that the weather offered up a few for me. I just liked the shape that this one made against the background. There was still a lot of heat in the sun, I had to use the bonnet of the car for this shot and it was hot enough for the skin to burn on it...I think I carry the scars! I can't point you to the location on an aerial map...sorry! I can find it on my map but matching it with Google Maps has proved an irritation to say the least. If you want to find it I would suggest going there and wandering for ever...hey we might bump into each other. I'll be the guy with a camera

Follow where Mary goes
Cherish the things she knows
Says if I change my stride
Then I'll fly
She makes me wanna die
Change my stride
Then I'll fly
Look to the sun
See me in psychic pollution
Walking on the moon
How could you dare?
Who do you think you are?
You're insignificant
A small piece, an ism
No more no less
You try to learn the universe
Can't even converse in universe
You know its ironic smoking hydroponic
She makes me wanna die
Change my stride
Then I'll fly
She makes me wanna die

Listening to: "Makes me wanna die" (Pre-Millennium Tension) - Tricky

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