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Just How Long Should One Wait For The Next Passenger To Come Along? Salton Sea, USA
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Just How Long Should One Wait For The Next Passenger To Come Along? Salton Sea, USA

02-10-2007 · Comments (22)
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Now I'm not one to moan but...it has bloody pissed down with rain all day and frankly I've had enough! I got wet going to work and I got wet coming home. I feel like I have been trapped here all day...well I have I guess but that's OK...I managed to amuse myself in what way I could. None of the things I should have been doing obviously. There's always tomorrow for those. I did manage a little Greek study today but nowhere near the amount I need to do before my lesson on Wednesday so I shall have to knuckle down to that tomorrow after work or she will have my guts for garters.

What seems like an age ago I entered some images into Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2007, this was back in April. I heard that I had been shortlisted a few months ago with one of my images and then finally a few weeks ago heard that I had at least made the exhibition in London and the book that is being published as a result. The big winners came out about a week ago and although I didn't win any of the prizes I was pretty made up to have made it as far as I did with a humble old Holga shot. Just thought I would share, oh yes the image. It's this one of Wick Quarry.

Today's image is another from the 2002 trip to the states and one taken at the Salton Sea. A wonderful place to go if you like to take shots of decay and the like and yet set within the most beautiful scenery. I'd love to go back as I'm sure I would shoot it differently now. Perhaps one day soon. You have the history of the place back there and here is an aerial shot to wet your appetite!

Better call the ships, they been caught sailing
Better call the captain, he’s been caught stealing
Better call the porter man, he’s been caught leaving
Better call all the guys on the deck; they’ve been caught with no feeling
Better call the fisherman, cause they’re coming on land
Better call the head nurse, wrap us up, to throw us in the dirt
Better call with some resistance, better way to feel no shame
Better call with some persistence, that way you feel nothing at all
Better call on evolution, better way to make a revolution
Better make your mind up quick
Better make your mind up quick

Listening to: "Evolution" (You Are Free) - Cat Power

Mark Tucker

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