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The Drive West Hadn't Been Without Its Fair Share Of Problems. USA 2002
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The Drive West Hadn't Been Without Its Fair Share Of Problems. USA 2002

24-09-2007 · Comments (28)
Categories: Ilford XP2  Nikon F4  USA  

Well did we all have a fab weekend? I'm not sure if I did or not! It wasn't a bad one but there were a few frustrations for sure. I didn't get the gardening done but I did get the dining room table almost clear of books which I'm sure must have earned me some brownie points. Today was to be the gardening day but it was also the Circuit Of Bath Walk an annual event organised by the charity I work for. Jan had taken a day off of work as she wanted to do a leg of it and it appears that meant me as well! So half way through the leg we chose the bloody skies opened.....of course we were unprepared for it....We tried to sit it out but it was set.....so we got wet, very wet. And to add insult to injury a gang of about 20 Bullocks scared the shit out of me in a field by running at me/us! I thought my number was up, I mean they must weigh a ton each, being struck by one of those buggers must be the same as being hit by a car. Well I'm here so you know I wasn't killed or worst! Of course Jan thought it was very funny. Surely having a fear of large animals that run at you is quite normal?

So the competition. The winner. I will announce the top three although at the moment I am pondering prizes for the second and third places. So the winner is Kelly. Second place was James, and third is Mike.
As I said Kelly will get her wonderful bag of prizes which include my friendship for ever...I'm not sure whether to give prizes for 2nd and 3rd after all the coming second and third must be enough? Kelly we can discuss via private correspondence the prizes which will be fab.

Today's photo is one drawn from my trip to the States in 2002. My god so long ago, I have to say I want to return so badly...one day soon. I have no idea where this was taken other than it was in either Arizona, New Mexico or California. We did 5600 Miles that trip and it was before I was organised in recording where stuff was taken. So no map or anything but hey it's not Crete eh!

Why's it so strange when they say that the world's movin upwards?
Why's it surreal when my hands feel they cant roll the dice?
Why's it so great just to wake every day, alive and by your side.
It's a mystery I guess, there's lots of things I cant find.
Its not the way that you look, but your move that catches my eye.
Why's it so soft when the cannons unload on the others?
Why're we so loud when we say it wont happen to us?
Why does my mind blow to bits every time they play that song?
It's just the way that he sings,
Not the words that he says, or the band.
I'm in love with this soul, it's a meaning that I understand.

Listening to: "The Way That He Sings" (At Dawn) - My Morning Jacket

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