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There Is No Right Or Wrong Way. Monastery, Kastelli (Καστέλλι, Κρήτη) Crete
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There Is No Right Or Wrong Way. Monastery, Kastelli (Καστέλλι, Κρήτη) Crete

20-09-2007 · Comments (14)
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First day back is always odd. I was hanging last night, woke up in the night thinking that I was still in Crete...or was that wishing? No always good to be home, hell you need to be here to go there. Anyhow...way to little sleep and it is so bloody cold here. Not quite enough to tempt me into long trousers but I needed to keep moving and needed a top today. I am rather hoping that I can hold out with the shorts until we return to Crete at the end of October. At the moment that seems a tall order, we shall see.
I do kind of like returning to work in the middle of the week I have to say, mentally it feels like a nice place to be. Eases me back in to my tough schedule gradually. Also managed to drop my films off at the lab today so am moderately excited about that. Having said that after the last mess up with 7 films I am a little nervous I have to say. Still it was the first time they messed up so here's hoping

Today's image is one from the 44 degrees of July in Crete. A monastery that I hadn't previously known existed until the local authority did me the favour of signing it from the road. The church there looked as if it was in use but the monastery looked in the process of renovation. A beautiful location with not a sound except the screaming of the cicadas who get louder as the temperature rises. I know the image doesn't really present it's self as a monastery but you will have to use your imagination. Unfortunately I didn't write down the name of the place so I will have to get that next time. It is close to the village of Kastelli (Καστέλλι). Here is an aerial view of the place. Put your feet in a bowl of scalding water and you could almost be there with me!


OK, this will be the last full week of the competition. I suggest if you haven't had a guess yet you get over there and have a go. I will announce the last day later this week. The prizes are fab. Get yourself back there and enter. Top prize is a print and life long friendship from me. I'm even contemplating offering a 2nd and 3rd prize. Sounds to good to be true right? So have a go.

Listening to: "Unsuffer Me" (West) - Lucinda Williams

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