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Holes II. Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Λασίθι, Κρήτης. (Katharo Plateau, Lassithi, Crete)
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Holes II. Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Λασίθι, Κρήτης. (Katharo Plateau, Lassithi, Crete)

10-09-2007 · Comments (15)
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How was your weekend? I had high hopes for mine, get the books back on the shelves...sort the garden out for the break away. The ribs seemed to be healing OK I thought I could manage a cut of the grass! How wrong I was..carried the mower up to the garden, thought I felt a little twinge. Carried on...did my stuff cleared up then bang! Shit so much pain. I have no idea what I have done now but it is far worst than after the fall......been drugged up to the eyeballs for the rest of the weekend. Which did feel quite nice but of course I got very little done. As long as I can carry that damn camera bag next week that's all I care about! My stocks of film are perfect, hire car booked. Just tomorrow at work and I'm out of here.

Today's photo, well it wasn't until I finished processing it that I realised I had posted this place before taken from almost the exact spot, very odd. I thought that I would go ahead and post it anyway as it was taken on a different visit on different film. Here is the last post which was taken in spring I think. This one taken in July during a very hot period. The previous one is on negative film and this on slide. Not sure about the time of day but an interesting difference in mood.
Taken on the Katharo Plateau (Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Λασίθι Κρήτης). It is said of Katharo that it is a place to where half of the soul of Kritsans belongs. On the well-worn red and yellow "square" of Katharo, the footsteps of hundreds of humans intermingle with the tracks of flocks of animals in summertime, whilst during the inhospitable winters on the lower slopes, the struggle for water has been won.
These holes in the ground I think were originally used for the collection of water from the melted snow and winter rain. They still fill and the animals use them but by and large I think water is obtained in a more mechanised way now. I did post an alternative view of these earlier in the year. The last time I tried to locate these holes on a map I couldn't, I guess I'm sober this time so here is an aerial view of them, the two dark blobs between the trees are they!


You did know that there was a competition going on didn't you? No? Well get yourself back there and enter. Top prize is a print and life long friendship from me. I'm even contemplating offering a 2nd and 3rd prize. Pondering that one. There aren't many days left, I'm not sure how many but not many, so get a voting NOW!

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