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Aghios Spyridon (Άγιος Σπυρίδων) Rethymno (Ρέθυμνο, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Aghios Spyridon (Άγιος Σπυρίδων) Rethymno (Ρέθυμνο, Κρήτη) Crete.

04-09-2007 · Comments (23)
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Well my body seems to be healing. I was able to get out of bed this morning without moaning like a porn star! I seem to remember that I was able to pull my shorts up rather than having to step into them! The house is in total chaos at the moment, some guy was supposed to be coming today to decorate one of the rooms. Unfortunately that room has several hundred books in it so I have had to pile those on the dining table, floor, work surfaces. You name it there seems to be a pile of bloody books there. The hi-fi is in the hall and my sanity is on a bus to somewhere I think. Then having busted a bloody gut to get it ready for him this morning Jan calls me mid morning to say he hasn't turned up because he ran over on a previous job! Perhaps we will see him tomorrow. Oh and no curtains or window coverings so I feel like I'm sat in a damn goldfish bowl of an evening

Today's photo is one form the last trip and our firσt visit to the city of Rethymno (Ρέθυμνο). What a beautiful place it was, well worth the drive.
Present-day Rethymnon is built on the site of ancient Rithymna, as the finds of a cemetery of the Late Minoan period, discovered in the Mastaba quarter, show. The town flourished during the Mycenean era. In the 3rd century AD, for some unknown reason, it lost its importance, and is only mentioned as a large village. However, Rithymna retained its autonomy and independence, as is evidenced by the coins which, as a free city, continued to mint. During the Byzantine period the town continued to be inhabited, and parts of Roman and Byzantine mosaics have been found.The Venetian period, also, was a time of great prosperity for Rithymna, as the Venetians used its harbour as an intermediate stop between Herakleion and Chania, and as an administrative centre for the area.
The Church is that of Aghios Spyridon and is built into the rock below The Fortezza of Rethymno (Ρέθυμνο). Here is also an aerial shot of the Fortezza.


You did know that there was a competition going on didn't you? No? Well get yourself back there and enter. Top prize is a print and life long friendship from me. I'm even contemplating offering a 2nd and 3rd prize. Pondering that one. There aren't many days left, I'm not sure how many but not many, so get a voting NOW!

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