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A Change In The Weather Perhaps Over Neapoli (Νεάπολη, Κρήτη) Crete?
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A Change In The Weather Perhaps Over Neapoli (Νεάπολη, Κρήτη) Crete?

01-09-2007 · Comments (18)
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Well I have survived the works get together! We had a Rounders match. Mixed teams all pretending not to want to win, not me, if I play a game I play to win. If I lose I don't care but during the participation I am very competitive! I was quite good. I did however try to catch a ball, fell and I think I may have pulled something or cracked a rib as of now only booze is soothing me. I know I'll wake in the morning and feel like I have had a good kicking. It's funny on our way there in the car, we spoke of advancing years and how being less competitive is perhaps a good thing...yeah right! Once you get into it you are 25 again with no thought of hurting yourself. I think that I will stick to walking the canal until next year.

Today's image is another of the series that I took on the last trip to Crete. This is the local high school in the town of Neapoli (Νεάπολη). A more depressing school I think I couldn't find....it was empty due to the holidays.....it was stark and dirty, it seemed to have the feel of the eastern block. Having said that I guess Greece also has a communist history so I'm sure a lot of the building reflected the same style. However the photos seem to present it as something else and it looks kind of pretty...perhaps it's that damn Astia making it look nice. Anyway this is one of many that will be posted eventually. For those with an interest here is an aerial shot of the school, the building can be seen in the centre of the photo. Neapoli is off to the right if you want to take a look.


You did know that there was a competition going on didn't you? No? Well get yourself back there and enter. Top prize is a print and life long friendship from me. I'm even contemplating offering a 2nd and 3rd prize. Pondering that one. After such a promising start the guesses seem to have dried up, shame really. I guess most of you are my friends already so no prize there. Why not guess to make me happy?

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