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We Traded Promises Of Treats For Smiles At Shockerwick, Near Bath
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We Traded Promises Of Treats For Smiles At Shockerwick, Near Bath

29-08-2007 · Comments (25)
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It was eye sight test day today. It's crazy really I have been putting it off for probably years because I begrudged paying the £25 test fee. The glasses I need for screen work and reading have been getting weaker and weaker, my moaning more and more noticeable and yet £25 was standing between me and clarity. So damn stupid. So last week a note arrived in the post offering it for nothing, I knew if I held out they would cave in and give it to me, at what cost bloody blindness? So the test was done and no surprise to me I need stronger glasses, sorted. Wish I had the money for laser really as I hate wearing the damn things, They are never in the place that I want them. I need to buy several pairs and just leave them where I am most often!
I now have to decide on whether I will pay the extortionate fee they are charging to replace my lenses or buy throw away glasses from Boots! I do like my glasses so perhaps I'll take the hit!

I post few Diana shots, mainly because I rarely get a decent photo from it. This walk however, or this film was the exception so in celebration of my Diana triumph I am posting another of the images tonight. Taken quite close to my home whilst on a beautiful walk in spring, these two horses seemed very friendly even though they scare me shitless, on account of their size! So for what it's worth here is the map of the area and for those that like it in photographic format here is an aerial shot of the area.


You did know that there was a competition going on didn't you? No? Well get yourself back there and enter. Top prize is a print and life long friendship from me. I'm even contemplating offering a 2nd and 3rd prize. Pondering that one. After such a promising start the guesses seem to have dried up, shame really. I guess most of you are my friends already so no prize there. Why not guess to make me happy?

Watch my friend run with the ponies
Said his whole life he loved them
Back of the car, eyes were closing
They were closing
Oh, it's all right
It's all right

Watch my friend over the rainbow
Said that was his favorite picture
Sweet-talking eyes were joking
They were joking
Oh, it's all right

Watch my friend run for the ghetto
Said his whole life he lived there
Sweet-talking lies were told then
They were told then
Oh, it's all right

Listening to: "Run With The Ponies" (The Rough Guide To Americana) - The Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers

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