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If They Could Speak. Derelict Windmills Fourni (Φουρνή, Κρήτη) Crete
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If They Could Speak. Derelict Windmills Fourni (Φουρνή, Κρήτη) Crete

28-08-2007 · Comments (16)
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A public holiday here today which always throws my system way out. I seem to spend all day thinking it is Sunday even though I have just had one. I look for the newspaper, speculate as to why the TV schedule is all over the place. Just generally find the whole day unsettling, other than the extra morning in bed, I like that.
The major pain today was that the weather was fine and based on that I had agreed to clean the conservatory roof. A task that gets more and more dangerous as the years pass. Lots of water and soap, slippery ladder an even slipperier tiled roof that I have to clamber onto for part of the exercise. It really is a recipe for disaster. I used to do it a few times a year but the fear has me doing it less and less so it is dirtier so takes me longer...oh god! Probably best to move house. Anyway 'tis done and I am alive and not injured but I will ache like hell in the morning. When there is work.

This is another from my March trip to Crete and another derelict windmill! A different location from the most recent posts, if anything a more dramatic location and a bitch of a place to get to as the wind howls there. I can see why they sited them where they did! I took a stack of them even though the Holga was the only camera I could handle in the wind. I think the Holga kind of adds to the mood of the place although one of these days on a calm one I will get down there with the Hasselblad.
Even though 99% of those you see are derelict on closer inspection the quality of the building has to be seen to be believed. I have rarely seen mortar each stone seems to be held in place by the next.The window and door frames on the exterior are perfectly square and flat yet when you look inside you can still see how they were hand carved as the shape of the original stone has been left inside as this wasn't visible....wonderful things I just hope that they do something with them before they all fall down. Anyhow here is a little aerial view of where they are. If you look carefully on the map it appears as if there were 13 or so there at one stage. Have a pan out and a browse about.....the two villages the south of the windmills are Kastelli(Καστέλλι) on the left and Fourni(Φουρνή) to the right.


You did know that there was a competition going on didn't you? No? Well get yourself back there and enter. Top prize is a print and life long friendship from me. I'm even contemplating offering a 2nd and 3rd prize. Pondering that one.

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