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Deserted Shrine Under Thripti (Θρίπτη) Near Kavousi (Καβούσι) Crete.
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Deserted Shrine Under Thripti (Θρίπτη) Near Kavousi (Καβούσι) Crete.

27-08-2007 · Comments (11)
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God guys I have needed a day or so to recover from the party. I'm sure that there were many I didn't say hi to but I'm sure you understand the role of the host is a difficult one. All that mingling is exhausting! Then there was Mike, keeping track of the interest in him was almost full time! The one thing I took from the experience more than anything was the music, Free Jazz and 70's Glam is a match made in heaven.
OK if you haven't been here for a few days, where have you been? There's a competition going on. Get over there and read all about it! When I say over there I mean click the bloody link, go back, read, do your sums and guess! All it needs is a little thought. The prizes are wonderful a print from me and the chance of being my best friend. Yes it's that good now get back there and guess. Don't come crying to me when someone else wins and you feel cheated!

Today's image is yet another from Crete and another looking up at the plateau at Thripti (Θρίπτη), well almost looking up! Off to the right there. Very close to the beautiful village of Kavousi (Καβούσι), a place that I would find it very easy to live, close enough to and yet far enough from, if you get my drift and within a spit of the sea! I am always attracted to these roadside shrines and the photographic possibilities, I must waste so much time stopping prowling around them. This one seemed very neglected and was empty other than a snail infestation! I'm surprised that some resourceful Cretan hadn't come and harvested them for the pot! Having said that they look a little on the small side for any meaningful meal to be had.
This one makes me wonder why it was there. Had all the family to whom it meant anything passed on, got old or ceased to care? If you like poking around on maps and stuff here is an aerial shot of the area.

Listening to: "Woman In Chains" (Seeds Of Love) - Tears For Fears + Oleta Adams

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