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Excited - Pre Party Portrait. London Road East, Batheaston, Bath
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Excited - Pre Party Portrait. London Road East, Batheaston, Bath

25-08-2007 · Comments (39)
Categories: Pinhole Polaroid  Type 667  

Well the party seems quite slow at the moment...I guess it will liven up once everyone is here. I'm surprised I have time to post given the fun that's about to kick off. I think a lot of people will be here so I have been putting cheese and pineapple on sticks all afternoon, cooking those mini sausages, mini quiches you know the stuff that all the best parties have. My mate Dave has a disco so he will be here to give the proceedings a touch of class and of course something to dance to. Dave said he has a lot of 70's music so to complement it I have invited along a Free Jazz combo from down the road, I thought the two styles would jar beautifully to produce just the right atmosphere. I know you want to know about the competition but be patient, go and get some drink down you and a few nibbles.
I must say news of the party has spread far and wide and I was surprised by a few emails I received asking if they could come. I think most of the interest seems to be centred around Mikes appearance naked, where are you Mike? Nothing is going to kick off properly until you arrive...news of Mike's tackle has spread far and wide. Thanks Mike getting people here has been so much easier with your impending Scud Naked appearance. Exciting eh? OK The competition.

Lets start with the prize, always the best part of any competition and probably the reason why James' most recent one has been a flop, speaking of which has anyone seen James, he'd love this. OK the material part of the prize, yes it has two parts, part one is a print, one of my prints. I get to choose which you get, you get to choose camera type, colour or black and white, UK or Crete. You get the picture? - jokes and everything tonight, must be the booze! The second part and I think the best part of the prize is that as winner you become my friend. No, not just any friend but my best friend, part of my inner circle of friends. Yeah, it's that good. With best friend status you get many privileges, invites to all my family functions, weddings, funerals the works. You will become like a priest to me as I will confess all to you, any worries I have, you will know about them so if you feel the pressure of knowing all about me might be too much best not enter. I will also share any good fortune that comes my way. Excited? I am, I hardly slept last night that's why I've started to fall about a bit, not the booze. Lets all dance before I tell you what you have to do, this 70's Free Jazz mix is out there. Hey, there's Mike, he seems well into this I always knew that Ornette Coleman and The Village People was a winner. Good lord Mike that's not natural! Steady them, they seem to be swinging way more than can be comfortable!

OK stop watching Mike, and pay attention. If you miss this important information you won't be able to enter. OK, so what do you have to do for all these goodies? I think you'll agree as a package, a life changing array of prizes! Well, as you know my ipod went bang about 2 weeks ago and I hurriedly purchased a new one. What you have to do is guess how many songs are on my ipod as of midnight. I know, I know, hell you didn't think it would be easy did you. I will supply you with all the information you need to make your guess a calculated one. Mike, you might like to stop for a minute and listen.
OK so the ipod is the 80 GB one, at the moment I have used 50.33 GB. Apple state it will hold 20,000 tunes I think based on each tune being about 3 minutes long. I rip MP3's 64 kbps (mono) and 128 kbps (Stereo) optimized for MMX/SSE, using Hyper-Threading Technology. There you have all you need for a successful guess. Now go and party like it's 1999! Now that was a party so lets have a better one...shoot I love this Archie Shepp played over the Osmonds! You cats digging this!
Don't worry about guessing tonight, tonight is about this...do it in the morning when you are nursing your heads! Hell, I never dance and I can't stop moving. Where is James?

Needless to say this competition is NOT open to family or current best friends, you will be history soon anyway. I will have a new best friend. Just think it might be you! Also I'll state the obvious in that there is only one entry per household. Probably best you don't try to befriend Jan to find out she has no idea what an ipod is or in fact any idea of my internet persona!
The date this will end? I'm not sure, probably about 2 weeks so you have plenty of time to do your research.

Tonight's photo is a little more experimenting with the ultra wide pinhole. This film is 667 and 3000 ASA. The bloody stuff is driving me nuts the exposure time outside with this using the pinhole was about 5 seconds...so fast. I have now taped layers of ND filters over the hole to slow the bloody thing down. Even so this is still only 20 seconds. I am enjoying the self portrait pinhole experience as I maintain a degree of anonymity with it. I shall be glad to have used the bloody stuff really. I might try strapping an IR filter to it that will slow the bloody stuff down!
How is the party for you this current mix of The Isley Brothers and Captain Beefheart is stellar!

The summer had inhaled and held its breath too long
The winter looked the same, as if it never had gone
And through an open window where no curtain hung
I saw you, I saw you, comin' back to me
One begins to read between the pages of a look
The shape of sleepy music, and suddenly you're hooked
Through the rain upon the trees, that kisses on the run
I saw you, I saw you, comin' back to me

Listening to: "Comin' Back To Me" (Surrealistic Pillow) - Jefferson Airplane

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