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Holes - Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Λασίθι Κρήτης. (Katharo Plateau, Lassithi, Crete)
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Holes - Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Λασίθι Κρήτης. (Katharo Plateau, Lassithi, Crete)

23-08-2007 · Comments (29)
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I mean do I give the impression that I drink a lot? I like a drink yes but I don't need one, well I don't think that I do anyway, never before 6pm is my rule and by having that rule I have something to break! So today someone leave a trite comment giving the web site of Alcoholics Anonymous as their site and a made up email address...ha ha bloody ha I say. Come on reveal yourself who are you? I was going to delete it but what the fuck I thought I'd leave it, they do good work so the link may bring traffic their way...for those that are really in need. Who knows perhaps it may spark healthy debate...I don't think!
I was pondering whether to have a little competition along the lines of what James is up to over at plasticfantastic but much much better. You know a real prize that has a real use. I think that I am up for it and could do a good job. There are a lot of competition cowboys out there that frankly need running out of town. If I get enough interest I will start one. Oh, don't tell James as he is unpredictable.

Today's photo is another from the Katharo Plateau (Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Λασίθι Κρήτης). It is always a welcome place to go during the heat of summer to escape from the heat. I love it up there, a place where I feel a different person....the only noise is the wind and birds. No traffic and not even the screaming of the Cicadas that are everywhere when the temperatures rise. It is said of Katharo that it is a place to where half of the soul of Kritsans belongs. On the well-worn red and yellow "square" of Katharo, the footsteps of hundreds of humans intermingle with the tracks of flocks of animals in summertime, whilst during the inhospitable winters on the lower slopes, the struggle for water has been won.
These holes in the ground I think were originally used for the collection of water from the melted snow and winter rain. They still fill and the animals use them but by and large I think water is obtained in a more mechanised way now. I did post an alternative view of these earlier in the year. The last time I tried to locate these holes on a map I couldn't, I guess I'm sober this time so here is an aerial view of them, the two dark blobs between the trees are they!

There is a place
Where you can hide away
And let the music in your mind
Just take control
There is a place where
You can fly away
And let the music in your mind
Just start to flow

Let it flow
Let it flow
Let it flow

Listening to: "Music In My Mind" (Colours) - Adam F

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