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Attempting To Keep The Lid On Pollution Near Driros (Δρίρος, Κρήτη) Crete.
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Attempting To Keep The Lid On Pollution Near Driros (Δρίρος, Κρήτη) Crete.

22-08-2007 · Comments (17)
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Now I know I go on about the weather quite a lot but hell it was cold last night. I usually die as my head hits the pillow and wake with the crowing of my bloody alarm but last night...and I'm not sure what the time was but I was asleep so it was a bad time, I woke frozen. I almost reached over and flicked on the electric blanket, god it would have been so damn easy and so wonderful. I was however awake enough to realise that I would then fall asleep and wake in a small pool of sweat later in the night...god I hate that and do it quite a lot. The joys of an English summer I hear you all cheer!
But, I was able to walk in and walk home so the day was pretty good on that point. I have a few apple trees that I have discovered on my walk, they seem to be ripening quite nicely so I ate a few of those...stopped for a pick at some Blackberry bushes....I love a bit of grazing!

OK tonight's image is taken very close to the ancient city of Driros (Δρίρος). The city of Driros was important during the early Greek years, about the eighth century B.C., but declined later after the second century B.C. The retaining walls of the city, the public buildings and the agora remain, but they are not well-preserved. An inscription in Doric dialect was found in which the young men from Driros swore to the gods to be forever the enemies of Lyktians and Milatians, then in another later inscription, the people of Driros declared friendship with the Lyktians and Milatians.
In Driros archaeologists discovered a temple to Apollo Delfinos, one of the oldest Greek period temples in Greece, dating from the seventh century B.C. A column in the centre, a central hearth (Estia) and an offering table make it resemble a Minoan building. The temple has a stone house protecting it. Three copper statuettes, found there, among the earliest of their kind, are displayed now in the Iraklion Museum. Some important inscriptions revealed interesting aspects of the ancient society.

No you're right, I didn't write all of that but a few of you might be interested. If you fancy a browse around the countryside then here is the location of Driros. The funny blur is the ancient city! I guess the other point of the shot is the fact that even though I was so close to something historically very important in true Greek style there was rubbish in a beautiful spot. I love Crete but I am constantly upset and annoyed by the rubbish that is discarded in the middle of a beautiful landscape, Oil drums, building rubble, furniture....and we won't even go into the vast amounts of plastic that litter the countryside.

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