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A Position Secured With Time Above Kalamafka (Καλαμαύκα, Κρήτη)  Crete
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A Position Secured With Time Above Kalamafka (Καλαμαύκα, Κρήτη) Crete

21-08-2007 · Comments (28)
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Well you will all be very pleased to know that I didn't spend the evening sat around in my pants on a vinyl sofa. I have to say the thought was quite attractive and it was only a Greek lesson that tore me away from it. I'll save it for those long cold winter nights when I will be in need of a little entertainment...did I hear someone shout don't forget photos Phil? Shucks I'm touched by your interest I really am, in fact I can feel a series of themed pinholes coming on....no wait that would be silly this project requires the clarity and sharpness that only a Hasselblad can provide. May I suggest that after October 30th you visit with extreme caution and with dark glasses on. This is a public service announcement...don't say I didn't warn you!
Enough of the serious stuff, lets have fun! So I did Greek tonight and having done revision I answered all my questions correctly, I thought I might get a gold star in my book but alas no! So I rewarded myself with alcohol when I got home. Damn it's tomorrow and I'm still drinking....I must go to bed earlier!

OK so today's photo is from the most recent trip in June. Taken near the mountain village of Kalamafka (Καλαμαύκα) It is a beautiful place high in the mountains, you can also see the north and the south coast from a point close to the village. The perfect place to escape the heat of summer being at nearly 500 metres above sea level. This rock and tree were in the middle of a field of Olive trees. The farmer had carefully ploughed around making wonderful patterns in the rich red soil. As I entered the field to take the shot I was sure the earth would be baked hard by the sun as it was over 40 degrees and had been so for a week. It was as soft as a ploughed field would be in the Uk. Anyway here is an aerial shot of the area. Well at least of the village.

Listening to: "Tangled Up In Blue" (Blood On The Tracks) - Bob Dylan

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