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Countdown From Four Minutes - Me At Home,  London Road East, Bath.
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Countdown From Four Minutes - Me At Home, London Road East, Bath.

18-08-2007 · Comments (27)
Categories: Pinhole Polaroid  Type 89  

OK I am over the Greek mess up from last night and have realised I need to get my ass in gear and study and this weekend, that is what I shall do, in between other stuff of course. the forecast is so shit for the weekend anything better than they predict will be a blessing. I haven't taken any photos for a while which is making me a little itchy I have to say. How can I work full time and have no time? God knows what that is all about.

It may or may not have escaped your notice but the weekend is here, I kicked it off in fine style with a skin full of cocktails tonight and many other wonderful things. I'm looking forward to staying in bed in the morning at least for an extra hour and then who knows what. I hope that you get to something nice with someone close to you.
The weekend shot, well it's me and a Polaroid Pinhole, I'm not a great one for photos of me but as usual this is sufficiently vague as to be agreeable to me. About 4 minutes on type 89 film. I now need to source some more of this film as Polaroid have discontinued it and I want to keep using the camera.

Our conversation was short and sweet
It nearly swept me off-a my feet.
And I'm back in the rain, oh, oh,
And you are on dry land.
You made it there somehow
You're a big girl now.

Bird on the horizon, sittin' on a fence,
He's singin' his song for me at his own expense.
And I'm just like that bird, oh, oh,
Singin' just for you.
I hope that you can hear,
Hear me singin' through these tears.

Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast
Oh, but what a shame if all we've shared can't last.
I can change, I swear, oh, oh,
See what you can do.
I can make it through,
You can make it too.

Love is so simple, to quote a phrase,
You've known it all the time, I'm learnin' it these days.
Oh, I know where I can find you, oh, oh,
In somebody's room.
It's a price I have to pay
You're a big girl all the way.

A change in the weather is known to be extreme
But what's the sense of changing horses in midstream?
I'm going out of my mind, oh, oh,
With a pain that stops and starts
Like a corkscrew to my heart
Ever since we've been apart.

Listening to: "You're A Big Girl Now" - (Blood On The Tracks) - Bob Dylan

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