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When I was Younger I was Important.
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When I was Younger I was Important.

11-08-2007 · Comments (27)
Categories: Ilford XP2  Olympus OM1  

Why is it when you have your hair cut it looks all swanky and wonderful...you sleep on it and wash it the next day and the closest you can get to 'THE LOOK' is a bale of hay? Have I missed something? I go to bed on a high...spend the day looking like a sack of shit. Time to shave my head.
Well, the baby arrived..the ipod. I wasn't going to mention it but it would be rude not to. I have spent the whole afternoon and evening ripping cd's like there is no tomorrow...there is right? For the distractions out there I thank you for feeding this bloody computer..running upstairs and down is exhausting. I must have walked my 10,000 steps today that they insist we need...why?

Today's, well and tomorrows photo is this. One from the archives. I took this back in the mid 80's when I was using an Olympus OM1...remember manual focus! The image it's self has a little history, my first PC that came with a scanner capable of scanning a print I got in about 1995...I bought at the time what I thought was a photo printer and printed this on any old paper. From then to now it has sat pinned to the wall by the computer. Yesterday I thought I would try and track down the print...waste of time, 2 hours later after I had re lived the past 20 years I was still no closer to finding the original. So this is a scan of a shite digital print. The thing is it seems to have retained the mood I was trying to capture at the time.

An exact location for the shot is difficult as I am verging on senility these days but I do know it was Lansdown Road in Bath. Here is an aerial shot of the area for you so have a wander and enjoy!

Listening to: "China Girl" (Let's Dance) - David Bowie

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