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High And Dry Going Nowhere. Elounda (Ελούντα, Κρήτη)  Crete.
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High And Dry Going Nowhere. Elounda (Ελούντα, Κρήτη) Crete.

10-08-2007 · Comments (20)
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Old Ιpod is now history. I am in full swing of ripping all cds to the computer pending the arrival of a new leggier model! Shit I forgot how time consuming this is....thank god for wonderful distractions. I wanted to at least get a stack done prior to the new babies arrival..she will need a feed right away. Am I scaring you yet? Anyway enough of my relationship with my Ιpod...it might constitute porn and I'll end up with the authorities here.

Haircut day today...I had left it way longer than I should have....so I was all sorted for 1.30pm I turn up and the girl who has done it for yonks has had to leave. Oh. what's her name can cut it for you! I bet she can I thought...shall I go I was thinking...but I let her loose on it....she was cutting it much shorter than normal...should I say anything? Shit it was too late..she had gone way further than normal..I just closed my eyes and thought of England...sorry wrong time and place! You know what...she did a great job...the nicest it has looked for ages. Now I know you were pleased to know all that. So to summarise, the Ιpod is dead I have a new one coming and I had a haircut!

Today's photo is another from the most recent trip to Crete and in particular from the Elounda (Ελούντα) area, a town I have already revealed I don't like but I have to say the coast there is so beautiful. From the photo you can see the island of Spinalonga, the fortress is just out of sight. I guess at some stage I ought to post a photo of the fortress for you....One of these days...you mark my words. I won't spout on about Spinalonga on this occasion but if you have an interest in the history of Venetian Crete and it's ultimate fall to the Turkish then here is something to perhaps encourage you to read on. Here is a history of Venetian Crete.
As always I have tried to find a decent aerial shot of the area for you so have a wander and enjoy!

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