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"Positivity" Jennifer McRae (1959-) Hanging In London Road East, Bath.

01-08-2007 · Comments (13)
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Wow the sun shone today, I walked to work this morning, it was kind of odd as there was that chill in the air that you get in the autumn...perfect for the walk in but odd. Four hours of this and that...I have to say I'm not really getting used to the four hours with regard to my time management. For a start I've no sooner arrived than it's time to go...which is good but I don't feel as if I get my teeth into anything, but it's the rest of the day I am having trouble with, not working in the afternoon I ought to be a little more productive than walking home and sitting on my ass. Having said that wasting time does take a certain skill...I haven't fully acquired it but I am getting there!
The walk home was just as beautiful...so damn warm. We have had that shit a summer that the odd hot day we have feels like the first warm day of the year. Still, gave the plants in pots a little love and topped up the pond to keep the fish happy. I even get to have an extended sleep in bed tomorrow as I am working in the afternoon instead of the morning....I'm almost shaking with excitement, no doubt some bugger will come banging on the door early and wake me. I'm ready for them.

OK, the pinhole from last night......I was kind of pleased with the outcome when I had time to look at it. This is the first post from this camera. Basically it is a Polaroid pack film back that someone has fixed a plate on the front of and then drilled a hole in, it gives it a focal length of I would guess about 1". The guy who sold it said it was wide....and it is. This was an hour exposure taken in my house of a pencil study by the artist Jennifer McRae. We bought this about 20 years ago before she was well known she now has two paintings hung at the National Portrait Gallery. Ah, one day it might be worth a fortune! I probably could have doubled the exposure at least for more detail but I kind of like the outcome. No map, you know where I live!

OK guys the Photoblogawards have kicked in. If you have a mind to vote for people then here is a shortcut there!

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