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In The Shadow Of Something Greater. St. Barbara (Άγια Βαρβάρα, Δοριές) Crete.
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In The Shadow Of Something Greater. St. Barbara (Άγια Βαρβάρα, Δοριές) Crete.

31-07-2007 · Comments (19)
Categories: Crete  Fuji Acros 100  Hasselblad SWC/M  

Ah Monday.....I'm usually full of negativity but I was OK today, perhaps it was the fact I was able to stay in bed for an extra hour and let Jan drive me to work...I do enjoy the walk in once I am up but that extra hour in bed is so damn sweet. I guess I could catch the bus in but then that would make me some lazy lard ass, hell that's happening whether I walk or not so lets not add to it. I walked home which was wonderful...lovely sunshine, not over hot with Simpsons clouds, you know the billowy white ones that make you smile.
I was already for a lazy afternoon but had a dose of the guilts...it only happens about once or twice a year, so I decided that as it has rained for about 3 weeks non stop I ought to cut the grass...that progressed to cutting a hedge. Damn that beer was sweet when I stopped. I spent a large part of the evening pissing trying to take a pinhole Polaroid, with varying success. Numerous attempts to shoot a scene with the exposure times getting ever longer....shit this stuff takes for ever, the last exposure and the best one was an hour...I'm kinda pleased, you may see it at some stage, I need to scan it and see how I feel after that. I took the 600SE out for a drive yesterday with some Fuji instant film in...damn that camera takes a sweet photo, it's so good to have total control over a Polaroid and the Fuji film is a joy to use.....beautiful colour rendition...you might see some of those as well. I'm beginning to sound like James and his tale from the Tour De France!

Today's photo is another church...did I ought to be apologising? I love 'em I guess you might not.They all seem to have their own unique character and it is always a bit of a lottery whether they will be open or not. I think that this one was dedicated to a Saint Barbara and was very near the village of Dories (Δοριές). Anyway, here is an aerial shot. The church can clearly be seen in the centre of the frame.

OK guys the Photoblogawards have kicked in. If you have a mind to vote for people then here is a shortcut there!

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