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All Purpose Shelter - Katharo Plateau (Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Κρήτης) Crete.
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All Purpose Shelter - Katharo Plateau (Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Κρήτης) Crete.

30-07-2007 · Comments (20)
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Ah Kew Gardens, what a wonderful place it was. On Saturday the weather was so kind to us for our first visit to Kew Gardens. 300 acres of wonderful gardens, buildings, glass houses, trees, flowers. Did I mention the trees? I love trees but to see so many species in one place and for them to be such wonderful specimens.......fantastic! Here is a potted history of the place. It is also so bloody large you could go back every season and see something new. I enjoyed every moment...just in case you hadn't sensed that!
Was there a negative side to the day I hear you ask....after all Phil generally has a moan? No, great company in our friends Crissie and Steve, the perfect hosts. They fed us and drove us around eventually kicking us out about midnight....and well it was pissing down....a 2 hours drive back in less than favourable conditions, actually verging on damn dangerous....crawled into bed at 2am but happy. Kew, do it if you get a chance.

Today's photo is from my most recent trip to Crete and an early morning excursion up to the Katharo Plateau (Οροπέδιο Καθαρού, Λασίθι Κρήτης). It was I must say a welcome escape from the 44 degree heat that was plaguing us at the time. I love it up there, a place where I feel a different person....the only noise is the wind and birds. No traffic and not even the screaming of the Cicadas that is everywhere when the temperatures rise. I know that I have posted it before but I kind of like these words written by another about the beauty that is Katharo.
Located at a height of 1150m, is the unique plateau of "Katharo" extending to 60,000 stremma, where the fossilized remains of hippopotamus have been found, a place to where half of the soul of Kritsans belongs. On the well-worn red and yellow "square" of Katharo, the footsteps of hundreds of humans intermingle with the tracks of flocks of animals in summertime, whilst during the inhospitable winters on the lower slopes, the struggle for water has been won. In this place, the spirits of the partisans and the heinous Turks of the Occupation still roam around under the shadows of the peak of Lazarus (2085m) and "Spathiou" (the Sword) (2148m). Here, the sky, ravines and bushes are still adorned with vultures, harrier eagles, cuckoos, ferrets, and unique yellow roses, while the scent of dictamus and other herbs like "thriba" fills the air. In the serenity of the holm oaks, and other tree species such as Asfentamus, Ambelitsas, Antrikukias, Aloutsouna, Stamnagathi, and among the mountain and rock thyme, part of the essence of the people from Kritsa belongs.

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