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Twice The Memories Under Thripti (Θρίπτη) Near Kavousi (Καβούσι) Crete.
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Twice The Memories Under Thripti (Θρίπτη) Near Kavousi (Καβούσι) Crete.

27-07-2007 · Comments (16)
Categories: Crete  Fuji Provia 100  Hasselblad SWC/M  

Well here I am starting the writing during daylight. I can see the positive aspects of it health wise but perhaps I need the dark.....the booze! Perhaps it's the pressure of having to think of something...I seem to have too much time at this time of day...lets see how it goes.
I guess today I might as well do this....it is blowing a bloody gale...has been pissing down with rain on and off all day. I'll tell you if we hadn't had such a nice April I'd be moaning to you! I ought to think myself lucky really, I have been away to Crete a few times this year.....many go away for two weeks and that's it...shit I would be suicidal for sure!

Another camera arrived a few days ago.....nothing very exciting a pinhole purchase from Ebay. An interesting construction....it is just a Polaroid back that has had a plate fixed to the front of it with the pinhole drilled through, gives it a focal length of about 1"...it was advertised as very wide and they weren't kidding. I seem to be able to have it almost touching an object and it still be in focus. Crazy distortion as you can imagine. I will post a few as and when...perhaps this weekend. I'm kind of enjoying the self portrait aspect of the pinhole....kind of me and yet not...just as I like it.

OK so here I am, it's bloody midnight and I am fannying around with images as usual! All that hard work earlier laid to waste by my inability to make a decision! I guess it's just the way it is...wasn't there a song with that as a line, Bruce Hornsby and the Range! Anyway there is no way I will be in bed before 1am....don't tell anyone, if you fancy a chat just call me Jan is at work anyway so she will never know. I'm just sat here drinking whisky and water...I now know why I have to write this shit at night...it's my dark side...it only thrives after dark and being alone in the house feeds it....and I guess the booze feeds the mood. We are as one!
Anyway enough of all that my mood is good and I need bed...stop distracting me.....was that you that called just now? I didn't quite get to the phone, call again.
OK, now I have lost the bloody internet...I was all ready to post this and I have lost my connection. I tell you what in the next life when I am in charge of the Internet there will be some changes.

Today's image is yet another from Crete and another looking up at the plateau at Thripti (Θρίπτη). Close to the village of Kavousi (Καβούσι). I am always attracted to these roadside shrines and the photographic possibilities, coupled with some slide film and a painfully blue sky there is always something to be excited about! The colour in this one turned out a tad odd…..not sure why, the film was a few years out of date. I quite like it though. If you like poking around on maps and stuff here is an aerial shot of the area. The village is Kavousi (Καβούσι) and Thripti (Θρίπτη) is kind of off to the right a ways.
OK, now it’s tomorrow…bloody internet didn’t return…whose in charge? Tell me!

OK guys the Photoblogawards have kicked in. If you have a mind to vote for people then here is a shortcut there!

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